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Access Elite Education Options With the Finest New York Scholarships

New York is one of the top ten states with the highest college tuition costs in the U.S. The Empire State is the home of Ivy League powerhouses like Cornell University and Columbia University—and both have annual tuition expenses upwards of $55,000!

Looking for scholarships and grants is a proactive way to fund your education in an elite school without going broke. The issue with New York scholarships is that many students aren’t even aware of all the opportunities available to them.

This article will help you evaluate the existing NY scholarships and also lead you to other scholarship options in the U.S.!

Looking for Scholarships in New York? Here’s How To Streamline Your Options

Most New York students work rigorous part-time jobs to support their tuition, transportation, and living and boarding expenses. This hardly leaves them with enough time to dive into the state’s scholarship pool.

To make scholarship hunting easier for you, we have categorized New York’s most sought-after scholarships into three sections:

  1. Scholarships for high school students
  2. College scholarships
  3. Grad school scholarships

NY State Scholarships for High School Students

You can find four types of scholarships for high school students in New York:

  1. Merit scholarships awarded for your GPA, athletic performance, and volunteer work
  2. Scholarships that award cash prizes for completing a competitive task on a given topic—for example:
    1. Writing an essay
    2. Creating visual art, like posters and memes
    3. Making a documentary
  3. Scholarships supporting poverty-stricken students from:
    1. Underprivileged religious or ethnic backgrounds—such as Native Americans, Hispanics, Filipinos, Africans, Asians, Muslims, Catholics, Jews
    2. Other underrepresented demographic groups, like disabled students, foster kids, dyslexic students, transgender students, etc.
  4. College-bound scholarships for high school seniors

Here are some examples of the active high school scholarships in NY:

New York State College Scholarships Explained

At present, most New York colleges run scholarship programs for:

  1. Students with a permanent residence in New York State
  2. Out-of-state students
  3. International students
  4. Transfer students (who have transferable credit hours and bring adequate recommendation letters issued by previous schools)

Refer to this table to understand the types of financial aid available to undergraduates in New York State:

Scholarship TypeDetails
Need-based financial aid

NYS’s federal and state grants or scholarships are offered with the purpose of:

You need to provide your income certificate to qualify for any need-based scholarship. Here are some examples:

  1. The Excelsior Scholarship is offered to students from families who earned less than $125,000 in a year
  2. The Loan Forgiveness for Licensed Social Workers wipes out existing student loans for students displaying exemplary social work for one year
Merit scholarshipsMerit scholarships in NY are awarded to students who have outstanding performance in a particular major, for example:


  1. NYS Excellence in Accounting Scholarship
  2. NYWEA Environmental Career Scholarship
  3. The New York State Part-Time Scholarship (PTS) Award (only available to community college students)
  4. The Carey Gabay Memorial Full-Ride Scholarship
Minority scholarshipsThese scholarships are strictly offered to students from a certain demographic group. Check out some examples:
  1. New York Women In Communications Foundation College Scholarship
  2. NYS Regents Awards for Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans
  3. ATHENA Adult Scholarship (for adult learners, like mothers, senior citizens, teachers, etc.)

Scholarships for Graduate School in NYS

The majority of academic scholarships for graduate school students are sponsored by NYC universities and research institutions. Such scholarships may have established terms regarding:

  • Tuition assistance for a masters’ course
  • A fixed monthly stipend (for fellowships)
  • A post-degree service agreement (usually for doctoral programs)

Hard To Access the New York Scholarship Database? We Can Help!

If you have been on the lookout for scholarships in New York, you’ll know how difficult it is to find relevant results. Whether you’re using a scholarship search engine or checking individual websites of public and private schools, the chances are that you’ve faced problems such as:

  • Finding outdated scholarships
  • Failing to understand the eligibility requirements for scholarships
  • Wasting time on scholarships that you don’t qualify for
  • Missing out on deadlines for your favorite scholarships

If you’re looking for a single-source solution to finding scholarships, turn to DoNotPay’s scholarship search tool.

Our app maintains a comprehensive database of the latest scholarships in the U.S. All you need to do is and provide your student details to our chatbot—we will use your info to match you with all scholarships that tag you as an eligible candidate!

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Timesaving Tip—Use DoNotPay As Your Application Assistant for Selected Scholarships

Many students back out from applying for scholarships because they feel it’s a pointless chore that sucks out their time and mental energy.

We understand that there’s not a sure-fire way to get a scholarship in New York, but you can raise your chances of winning by applying for more of them—and DoNotPay can help you do that in seconds!

Our scholarship search tool can double up as an application assistant that helps you apply for no-essay scholarships directly through the app.

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Our scholarship search and application support is three wee steps away:

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