How To Know if You Qualify for the New Mexico Jury Duty Exemptions

The Land of Enchantment—What's the Skinny on the New Mexico Jury Duty Exemptions?

The American judicial system needs citizens as jurors to keep the legal system free and fair. Each state in America has a unique jury duty policy, and New Mexico is no different.

If you were summoned for jury duty in New Mexico, you would want to know:

  1. How long jury duty lasts
  2. If you qualify for any of New Mexico's jury duty exemptions

We will answer all those questions here and show you how our can help you facilitate your preparation for jury duty.

You've Got a Summons for Jury Duty in New Mexico. Now What?

After getting a summons, you need to fill out the Jury Questionnaire on the New Mexico Courts website. On the day of reporting, arrive early to court and bring a valid photo ID and your juror summons.

If you make it past the jury selection process, you will get a trial date, and you will serve on the jury until there’s a verdict. Talk to your employer about jury duty leave—by state law, your employee cannot punish you or prevent you from honoring your summons.

You will fulfill your juror obligations even if the court does not pick you for a jury.

How Do You Qualify for New Mexico's Jury Duty Exemptions?

You can get an exemption if you:

  • Suffer from a physical or mental illness
  • Have served as a grand or petit juror in a state or federal court within the last three years
  • Provide sufficient evidence to a district court judge for exemption
  • Are not an American citizen
  • Are younger than 18
  • Do not reside in the summoning court’s county
  • Are currently on parole or probation for a felony

Extra Information Concerning New Mexico’s Jury Duty Exemptions

There are a few essential guiding points to keep in mind concerning jury duty exemptions in New Mexico:

New Mexico Federal vs. State Jurors

The differences between federal and state courts' juror compensation and service duration are shown in this table:

Federal JurorsState Jurors
  • Trial jurors should be available for two months
  • Grand jurors report for 1–3 days monthly for 12 months
  • Jurors serve once every two years
  • The duration of jury service is different for every county
  • Generally, jurors serve once every three years
  • All jurors receive compensation of $50/day—federal workers get this only on non-work days
  • All jurors receive 58 cents per round-trip mile
  • All jurors are paid $9/hour for jury service
  • All jurors receive 46 cents per round-trip mile

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