The Best Way to Contact New Look Customer Service

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company The Best Way to Contact New Look Customer Service

How to Contact New Look Customer Service Fast

Are you having trouble getting in touch with your New Look customer service team? Avoid waiting on hold and save your time by having DoNotPay wait on hold for you instead. Contacting the New Look customer support agents often needs the patience to wait on hold or handle half a dozen phone calls. However, with DoNotPay, you can contact the New Look customer service team without waiting on hold.

DoNotPay can call the New Look customer service phone number and wait on hold for you. DoNotPay will then send you a notification once a customer service agent takes your call so that you can explain your issue.

New Look Support Contact Number and Email

Do you want to contact the New Look customer support team on your own? You can contact them via mail, social media, or the New Look customer service telephone number UK.

Here's New Look's contact information to help you contact the New Look customer support team:

New Look telephone number, UK+44 1305 765000
New Look customer service phone number+44 772 347 5085
New Look Customer service contact pageHelp centre
New Look Twitter handleNewLook twitter
New Look Facebook handleFacebook messenger
WhatsApp handleWhatsApp

When contacting the New Look customer care team, consider using their social handles for a faster response. For instance, seeking help via email can take approximately 5 to 10 working days, while using WhatsApp can take about 48 hours response time. You can also try using Facebook and Twitter for prompt responses. Most companies want to maintain good reviews on their socials, and airing your complaints on their public pages will prompt faster responses. Just ensure to put your complaints public, as opposed to private.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Your New Look Customer Service Complaints

So, what happens when you don't get a satisfactory response from New Look customer support? If you want to complain more, there are several options you can try besides contacting the New Look customer service.

Here are alternative ways you can use to resolve your New Look customer service complaints:

An ADR Scheme

ADR schemes are for companies within certain sectors that are required to provide alternative dispute resolution services. In the United Kingdom, there are well-established ADR schemes in certain regulated sectors, including financial services, telecoms, and energy.

Ombudsman Services

When an ADR scheme doesn't work for you, you can try Ombudsman services. Ombudsmen are impartial, free, and independent, which means they do not take sides. You can visit the Ombudsman Association to help you settle the customer service issue between you and the company in question.

Small Claims Court

Small claims court is always a final solution if a customer feels that a company has breached its contract. In England and Wales, the amount of money you can claim through a small claims court is £10,000.

New Look Corporate Address

If you want to contact the New Look corporate headquarters, you can address your letters to New Look corporate addresses.

                          New Look Corporate Addresses
New Look Corporate Head Office UKNew Look House/Mercery Road,

Mercery Road,

Weymouth DT3 5HJ,

United Kingdom

New Look –

London's Address

Walls and Moore,

45 Mortimer St,


London W1W 8HJ,

United Kingdom.

New Look –

Weymouth's Address

Units Su1 & Su2,

New Bond St,

Weymouth DT4 8LY,

United Kingdom.

Common Reasons Why Customers Contact the New Look Customer Service

What makes New Look customers contact their customer services? There are several reasons why one might need to contact the New Look customer support team, including:

  1. Return order issues
  2. Order cancellation and amendment issues
  3. Problems with order delivery
  4. Missing items on your order
  5. Inquiry on delivery and collection options
  6. Discount and promo codes issues

Get in Touch With New Look Customer Service Using DoNotPay

Have you experienced issues with your New Look orders? If so, you probably want to get in touch with the New Look customer service team immediately. No customer wants to wait on hold for their issues to be solved, especially if you're a paying customer. That's why DoNotPay offers you a Skip Waiting on Hold product. With DoNotPay, you'll no longer have to wait on hold.

Here's how you can skip the New Look customer service phone queue with DoNotPay's help:

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