Did New Look Ignore Your Complaints? Here's What To Do!

File a Complaint Against Any Company Did New Look Ignore Your Complaints? Here's What To Do!

File New Look Complaints and Get Compensated Today

New Look is a renowned online fashion store that sells clothes and accessories to men, women, and teens. While New Look provides the latest chic clothing for all genders and ages, you might encounter a time when you need to make a complaint there about something.

Filing a New Look complaint might be necessary if you received the wrong order, or the company did something else to make your shopping experience a negative one. How do you go about filing a complaint there?

They do provide ways, but it's a very protracted system. Let us help make the process easier using our DoNotPay app.

How to File a Complaint to New Look

If you want to make a complaint to New Look, you need to visit their Help Centre. They do offer multiple contact methods to get a complaint resolved, despite all of them taking time.

How to Reach New Look Customer Support
WebsiteHelp Centre
Phone Number0371 781 3051 - This number is strictly for store card issues.
WhatsAppNew Look Help
Postal AddressCustomer Care Team

New Look Retailers Ltd

Mercery Road, Weymouth

Dorset, DT3 5HJ

The fastest way to get help with a complaint is to use their live chat feature. This is available from 8 am to 7:30 pm, Monday-Sunday.

New Look does provide multiple avenues for their customers to lodge a complaint. However, with life busier than ever, you wouldn’t want to spend long wait times just to get through to an agent or wait to hear back.

Sources like TrustPilot show the majority of people who try to contact customer service at New Look have good experiences. Then again, just like all companies, some people have had trouble. Filing complaints in general is always a hassle, yet it's still possible to save time when you use DoNotPay.

Alternative Methods to Filing a Complaint at New Look

Those of you who have issues dealing with any of the above contact methods at New Look may want to try one of these alternatives:

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolutions are available as a legal process here in the UK. Going this route, complaints can be worked out with New Look using a mediator to avoid the time and expense of going to court. Arbitration methods are another option when making this choice.
  1. Work with an ombudsman to get your issue resolved. Private ombudsman are a useful contact when you have a consumer issue. Also know that major companies like New Look respect the decisions of an ombudsman based on the latter's legal knowledge.
  1. Consider filing a small claims lawsuit against New Look if all else fails. Without some legal help there, though, it can be a confusing procedure.

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