Nevada Jury Duty Explained

Request Jury Duty Leave Nevada Jury Duty Explained

Everything You Need To Know About Nevada Jury Duty

Serving on a jury is a civic obligation for all American citizens. It is the legal system’s mechanism for securing an impartial view of a trial.

Nevada jury duty can be a complicated proposition for first-time jurors. You need to book time off work, budget against lost income, and ensure you have properly prepared for your time in court.

This article will walk you through the basics of Nevada jury duty and explore how DoNotPay can help you request time off.

Nevada Jury Duty Basics

Prospective jurors are chosen in a random draw of eligible citizens. Eligible jurors must:

  • Be a qualified Nevada elector
  • Reside in the associated county
  • Understand the English language
  • Have no convictions (treason, felonies, or infamous crimes)

The court does not allow for volunteer jurors as it may present a bias. If you believe you have missed your summons letter in the mail, you can check if you have jury duty by contacting the Nevada Court Clerk’s office.

On average, Nevada jury duty lasts three days. State laws prevent citizens from being selected as jurors more than once a year, ensuring you do not get called too often.

There are two types of juries on which you can serve:

TypeJuror CountDutyDefense
Trial jurySix or 12Rule on whether the accused is innocent or guiltyYes
Grand jury16Rule on whether charges should be levied against a suspectNo

The primary difference between these trial types is that a grand jury does not allow the defendant to argue their side of the case. Grand jury cases tend to last longer than trial juries.

Breaking Down Nevada Jury Duty Pay

How much you are paid as a juror depends on the level of court for which you are selected:

The federal court offers reimbursement for associated expenses in addition to daily compensation. County juror wages can range from $7.50–$60, putting Nevada relatively high on the list compared to other states.

Are There Nevada Jury Duty Exemptions?

Certain individuals are exempt from serving in a jury:

  1. Elected officials
  2. Law enforcement members
  3. Firefighters
  4. Citizens with disabilities

If you have other grounds for exemption, contact Jury Services to explain your situation.

You may also be excused from jury duty depending on how you answer the questions posed during the juror selection process. If you have an apparent bias against a party involved in the case, the court will relieve you of your duty.

If you are not exempt or excused, do not consider skipping jury duty. Doing so is punishable by law, resulting in a $500 fine.

What if You’re Not Exempt From Nevada Jury Duty?

Arrange for time off with your employer. Do not worry about being punished or fired for missing work—Nevada state laws require employers to provide unpaid time off for jury duty. They can verify your obligation to serve with a copy of your summons.

Send a Jury Duty Leave Request to Your Employer With DoNotPay

Don’t let the thought of asking for time off stress you out! The prospect of asking for leave should not affect your ability to do your civic duty. DoNotPay will generate a leave request letter and submit it to your boss on your behalf.

Get your time off request letter in four steps:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay
  2. Select the Jury Duty Leave Request Letter product
  3. Input the required info about your job and your jury duty
  4. Upload a photo of your summons

That’s it—at that point, you can choose to download a copy of the letter or let DoNotPay submit it to your employer for you.

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