The Lowdown on the Nevada County Jury Duty Policy

Request Jury Duty Leave The Lowdown on the Nevada County Jury Duty Policy

Laying Out the Details of the Nevada County Jury Duty Policy

Jury duty is an important civic duty that serves the same purpose across the country, but its implementation across counties and states doesn’t always follow the same rules.

The Nevada County jury duty policy establishes the rules that guide the responsibilities of trial and grand jurors, the duration of service, their compensation, and exemption conditions. This article will reveal all this information and show you how to be better prepared for your jury service by using DoNotPay.

Trial Jury Service in Nevada County

If you are put on a jury after the jury selection process, you and 11 other people will hear the testimonies in an assigned case, deliberate over them, and reach a verdict.

The duration of Nevada County's jury service is a one-day/one-trial policy, like in the rest of California. This means that you have fulfilled your jury obligation if:

  • You have served in a single trial until the verdict
  • You responded to the jury summons but didn't pass selection
  • Your assigned case settled out of court before the trial date

Nevada's 12-month gap between summons ensures you can't be called up too soon after a concluded jury duty.

Trial Jury Duty Exemptions and Postponements

Jurors have one chance each year to reschedule their date of jury service by:

  1. Visiting the Juror Status page on the Nevada Courts website
  2. Calling the Jury Commissioner's office

Only a judge can sign off on an exemption request when you appear in court. You can request an exemption if you:

  • Are not an American citizen
  • Are younger than 18
  • Do not live in Nevada County or are not domiciled in California
  • Have a misconduct conviction on your record or are a registered sex offender
  • Don't possess the required English language skills
  • Are serving on another jury at the moment
  • Have a mental or physical challenge or are taking care of someone with one
  • Are on parole, probation, or any kind of mandated supervision

You must honor your summons. If you ignore it, you will be held in contempt of court and may receive a fine, jail time, or both.

Trial jurors receive $15 per day and one-way transportation compensation of 34 cents per mile—compensation for federal jurors in California and other states follow a different pay structure.

Nevada County's Grand Jury Duty

How does jury duty work for a grand juror? These jurors are active for an entire year. They meet twice a month at 9 a.m. as a full panel and commit 10–25 hours of their week for 12 months.

The table below summarizes the qualifications and disqualifications for a prospective grand juror:

  • U.S. citizenship, older than 18
  • Residency in the state and county for at least a year before receiving the summons
  • Good working knowledge of English
  • Sound mind and judgment, good health, unbiased evaluation, and solid investigative skills
  • Good understanding of the county government's powers and authority
  • Serving as an elected public officer at the moment
  • Being discharged as a grand juror
  • Being a trial juror anywhere in the state
  • Having misconduct or felony on the record

Grand jurors receive compensation of $15 for every meeting attendance. The court reimburses trip expenses at the federal mileage rate.

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