The Fastest And Easiest Way to Obtain A Nevada Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates The Fastest And Easiest Way to Obtain A Nevada Birth Certificate

Obtain a Nevada Birth Certificate in Nevada Without the Stress

Have you recently tried to obtain a Nevada birth certificate for yourself or a family member? The process can be quite challenging if it is your first time requesting one. It can also take too much of your time.

We all need a birth certificate copy when we apply for licenses, passports, social security, school enrolment, or other government benefits. Sometimes, birth certificates are used for decorative or informational purposes. Not everyone is fortunate to have their original and authorized birth certificate readily available.

Whatever you need it for, getting a copy could take some considerable work. There is an easier method through the DoNotPay.

What's the Difference Between an Authorized and an Informational Birth Certificate Copy?

There are two kinds of birth certificate copies that can be requested: authorized and informational. An authorized birth certificate is one that's notarized by a government official.

An authorized copy is used to prove one's legal identity and is a requirement in applying for essential government services.

An informational copy can be used to prove one's identity, but it is not a legal document. You may need a certified, informational birth certificate for research.

Who Can Request a Birth Certificate in Nevada?

The applicant must be the person registered, the parents listed on the record, or someone who has a legal relationship with the person named on the certificate. Applicants must be able to present valid photo identification and proof of relationship and other supporting legal documents as necessary.

Where Can You Get and How Much Is a Birth Certificate Copy in Nevada?

Here are the offices where you can request a birth certificate in Nevada, as well as the corresponding processing fees:

City/County/State OfficeContact Address and Phone NumberBirth Certificate Processing Fee
Nevada Vital Records4150 Technology Way

Suite 104

Carson City, NV 89706

Phone: 877-456-5410

Fax: 866-233-1054

First Copy: $25.00 Additional Copies: $25.00
Washoe County Health DistrictP.O. Box 11130

Reno, NV 89520

Phone: 888-288-9543

Fax: 888-985-7353

First Copy: $25.00 Additional Copies: $25.00

Requesting from the Vital Records or Health District may take a considerable time. It involves filling out forms, providing multiple identification cards, and a long period of processing.

How to Get a Birth Certificate Copy On Your Own in Nevada?

Nevada birth certificates can be requested online or by mail only. You need to provide valid photo identification and proof of your relationship with the requestor if you are applying for a family member. Make sure that your application is complete, otherwise, it will not be processed.

Processing time for birth certificate applications can take as fast as 2 to 3 days or as long as 4 to 6 weeks. After your online request is reviewed, you will be sent an email regarding the payment.

You can pick up the birth certificates yourself or have them shipped to you via first-class mail. Here are the pick-up details:

  • Once you have the receipt of your payment, you can pick your order on-site.
  • The certificates will be held for 5 business days from the date of your payment.
  • If not picked up after 5 days, it will be mailed to the address in your application.
  • Birth certificates will only be released to the requestor.

Next Steps for Getting a Birth Certificate Copy in Nevada

If you find the task too tedious, your other option is to go through a lawyer to get your birth certificate. This may sound just as protracted, and it's going to cost you legal fees if you do.

Rather than deal with lawyers, try our DoNotPay app as an automated way to get all legal matters like this done.

Solve Getting a Birth Certificate Copy in Nevada Using DoNotPay

If you want to order/get a birth certificate copy in Nevada but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 8 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Birth Certificates product on DoNotPay.
  2. Select who the certificate is for (you or a loved one). If you are requesting a copy of someone else's certificate, enter their personal details, and upload evidence that proves your relationship.
  3. Enter the location you or your loved one was born in, so we can complete the form specific to your state.
  4. Enter the name(s) of the parent(s) as displayed on the certificate.
  5. Indicate what you will be using this certificate for, and choose whether you need an authorized or certified copy.
  6. Enter your contact information and shipping address. Upload copies of your government-issued identification, such as a driver's license.
  7. Choose whether you would like to electronically sign this form or not. Once we generate the form, verify that all of the information is correct.
  8. If you need the document to be notarized, schedule a notarization appointment using our Notary product. Otherwise, proceed to our Mail Checks product and let DoNotPay mail in your request form with a check on your behalf.

Why You Should Use DoNotPay to Get Your Birth Certificate in Nevada?

Here are three reasons you should consider DoNotPay when obtaining your birth certificate and other legal documents:

  1. DoNotPay is fast. We've simplified the process so much that it only takes minutes to get your birth certificate order set up.
  2. DoNotPay is easy. No more having to fill out complicated forms.
  3. DoNotPay's products are successful. Many of our current customers can tell you how they 've been successfully ordering birth certificates through DoNotPay. We guarantee we'll do the same for you!

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