The Netflix Terms of Service You Need To Know

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What Are The Netflix Terms of Service?

Unappealing page upon page of long paragraphs with legal jargon–is it any wonder everyone accepts the Terms of Service on virtually every platform without actually taking the time to read it? Unfortunately, that does sometimes come back to bite you. If you are concerned about what data Netflix is collecting about you and how they're using it or you've been banned and are trying to figure out why, DoNotPay can help you .

Netflix Terms of Service

Who Can Use Netflix

Netflix users must be over 18. If a minor wishes to use the service, they must use a profile on an account belonging to a person over 18. The account owner is responsible for all account activity. If the device you use to access Netflix is stolen, you should deactivate the device from the Account page on Netflix's website. A hold may be placed on the account if Netflix suspects there is fraudulent activity.

Changes Netflix Can Make to Their Service

Netflix reserves the right to change the price of a subscription. Most changes will come into effect after you are notified. Content available on the service may vary by location and over time as licensing agreements with content owners change. Netflix can also update the payment information you have in your account using information they collect from payment service providers (e.g. Square).

How You Might Violate Netflix Terms of Service

Netflix explicitly mentions several things you cannot do with their service, including:

  1. Circumventing any content protection such as location-based licensing.
  2. Unauthorized downloading or reproduction of content.
  3. Web scraping or data mining of the Netflix site or service.

Data Netflix Collects While You Are a Subscriber

Netflix breaks its data collection into four categories:

  1. Information you provide to them such as contact and billing information.
  2. Information they collect while you are actively using the service, including content selection and customer service interaction.
  3. Information from partner companies like your internet provider.
  4. Information from other sources.

Netflix collects several data points to ensure your rights are being respected and to better tailor your experience on the service. They may collect

  • Your internet search history related to Netflix
  • Your IP address or other location information
  • Publicly available posts on social media platforms

Consequences of Violating Netflix TOS

Netflix can restrict your access to their services or block you completely from service for violation of its terms of service. If a hold is placed on your account, you are not entitled to an account credit or prorated discount for the time you were unable to access the service.

How to Get Unbanned from Netflix

If you have been banned from Netflix and are reading the Terms of Service to try and get your account reinstated, DoNotPay can accelerate the process. If you have not violated the Terms of Service, you can write an appeal letter yourself and submit it with any supporting evidence to Netflix.

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How to Sue Netflix for TOS violations

DoNotPay will generate a demand letter on your behalf with every legal violation we identified that you can send to the company. If Netflix violates their Terms of Service and doesn't comply with your demand for compensation, you can escalate the case to Small Claims Court.

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