A Neighbor's Tree Fell on My House—What Can I Do?

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A Neighbor's Tree Fell on My House—Who’s To Blame?

Neighbors often cause inconvenient situations—sometimes even unintentionally. How do I deal with my noisy neighbors? Can I take legal action against them? What if my neighbor’s tree fell on my house—can I sue? We provide answers to all of those questions and more!

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If My Neighbor’s Tree Falls on My Property, Who Is Responsible?

Most people have trees around their houses and on their property. Having them is beneficial, but they can also cause a number of issues, such as falling on your house.

This may happen due to:

  • Storms
  • Strong winds
  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes

If, however, your neighbor’s tree falls on your house due to their ignorance, they should be held responsible. Establishing the cause of the tree falling will dictate your next step.

If it turns out to be a natural occurrence, you should submit a claim to your insurance company to cover the damage caused.

Your neighbor will be held liable in case he or she:

  1. Tried to cut down the tree without professional help
  2. Had knowledge of the tree being unstable and didn’t do anything about it

In such scenarios, your neighbor’s insurance company should take care of the damage.

What Should I Do if My Neighbor’s Tree Falls on My Property?

The first step you should take is to talk to your neighbor. Straightforward communication is key in these situations, and you should make sure you’re not being impolite nor loud.

Don’t point fingers nor pass the blame around. Speak to your neighbor calmly, and explain the issue. You should try working together toward finding a solution and figuring out what caused the tree to fall.

Contacting an insurance company is the next step. Your neighbor’s or your insurance should cover the damage. In case your neighbor refuses to cooperate and won’t listen to how severe the issue is, DoNotPay will jump in and draft a demand letter in your stead! You can give it to your neighbor to explain the consequences if they keep ignoring the situation.

Neighbor’s Tree Fell in My Yard—Can I Sue?

Going to court in situations like these is a bit extreme and should be treated as a last resort. It’s complicated, expensive, and often unnecessary since the issue can usually be resolved without a lawsuit. If you insist on suing your neighbor, you can do it only if you have proper evidence.

You would have to prove that your neighbor had knowledge about the tree being unstable or dying or offer proof that they tried to cut the tree down by themselves.

Should I Contact the Authorities if My Neighbor’s Tree Fell on My House?

Before deciding to report your neighbors to the authorities, you should exhaust every other possible option. Check out the table below to see when to reach out to the authorities:

Contact the Authorities IfDescription
You feel unsafeIf you find yourself in a heated argument with your neighbor and they make you feel afraid or think they will do something to you, dial 911 and don’t leave anything to chance. It’s better to be safe than sorry
Your neighbor breaks the lawIn case you have knowledge of your neighbor breaking the law, avoid talking and negotiating with them. Report the issue to the authorities and let them handle it
You can’t find another solutionLet’s say you exhausted every other possibility, and nothing worked. You can call 911 and report your neighbor, but refrain from doing this if you're dealing with a minor issue

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