Not Sure if It’s Neigbors’ Loud Sex or Exorcism? Either Way, End It With DoNotPay

Neighbor Complaints Not Sure if It’s Neigbors’ Loud Sex or Exorcism? Either Way, End It With DoNotPay

How To Turn the Volume Down on Your Neigbors’ Loud Sex

Anyone not living in an isolated area is bound to deal with noisy neighbors from time to time. Whether it's a dog barking loudly or the neighbor’s kid playing heavy metal at the highest volume, talking to your neighbors about it can be a drag. But how to behave when you have to listen to your neighbors’ loud sex all the time?

While the mere thought of asking your neighbors to tone down on the sex noises may fill you with dread, you’ll have to address the issue. Fear not—DoNotPay will provide tips on how to resolve the matter of your neighbor’s loud sex as painlessly as possible!

Can I Report My Neighbors for Having Loud Sex?

You can report neighbors for having loud sex in specific circumstances. Every city has an established noise ordinance that designates “quiet times'' of the day. During those periods, certain sounds are not allowed. You will have to research your state laws and acquire proof that your neighbors are violating the city’s noise ordinance.

The other way to go is to find a clause about acceptable neighbor loudness in the lease contract or a building noise policy. If you can find evidence that your neighbors are breaking the rules, you have grounds to complain.

There are more effective methods than filing a complaint straight away. You should try solving the problem on a friendly note first—taking drastic measures instantly may get you on the wrong foot with your neighbors.

Muffle Your Neighbors’ Sex Noises—Tips and Tricks

Take a look at all available ways for turning down the volume on your neighbors’ sex noises:

  1. Make your own adjustments—You can muffle the sounds of your neighbors having noisy sex or making any kind of noise by:
    1. Playing loud music whenever they engage in their...activities
    2. Investing in earplugs
    3. Soundproofing your ceiling
    4. Buying a white noise machine
    5. Taking a walk (if it’s not late)
  2. Talk to your neighbors—If you approach your neighbors politely, you may be pleasantly surprised with the results. The trick is not to sound accusatory and embarrass them since, most of the time, noisy neighbors are not aware of how loud they are being
  3. Leave a note—While having a conversation is more effective, you may have a problem reaching your neighbors, or you might be embarrassed to talk to them about this sensitive issue. You can draft a letter explaining the problem carefully and slide it under their door
  4. Call the building manager—Many apartments have leasing offices and building managers who will respond to your complaint. If you are leasing from a landlord, you can communicate to him/her, and they should talk to the noisy neighbors on your behalf
  5. Send a demand letter—If nothing else works, you have to send a demand letter to your neighbors. The letter should:
    1. Inform them of legal actions you’ll take if they don’t respond to your demands
    2. Indicate the compensation amount they’ll have to pay
    3. Provide the arbitration notice
  6. Call the police—This should be your last resort. Before going to the police, you have to:
    1. Carefully document the details of the violation, such as the time and date the noises are taking place
    2. Provide proof that the neighbors are breaching the city noise ordinance

Deal With Loud Neighbor Sex With DoNotPay’s Demand Letter

Since the demand letter is the last step before declaring war on your neighbor, you must convey the message clearly. This is why you shouldn’t try writing the letter on your own without any legal experience.

DoNotPay can draw up a demand letter on your behalf if you provide us with information about your circumstances. By subscribing to our app, you will get a demand letter that is:

  • Professional
  • Comprehensive
  • Personalized

Creating a demand letter with our app will take mere minutes if you:

  1. Log on to your DoNotPay account
  2. Find our Neighbor Complaint tool
  3. Specify the issue you are having with your neighbor
  4. Answer a few questions

You can expect your neighbors to quiet down the sex noises shortly after DoNotPay creates and sends them the letter.

DoNotPay Can Tackle More Than a Neighbor’s Sex Noises!

Loud sex noises are not the only annoying behavior you can experience from your neighbors. Access our learning center and learn all about dealing with neighbor-related issues ranging from mildly annoying to downright dangerous:

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