What To Do When Neighbors Let Their Dog Run Loose

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Have Your Neighbors Let Their Dog Run Loose? Learn How To Set Boundaries

If you live in a communal area, you have to deal with noisy or harassing neighbors. In case they have a dog that is not properly trained, your life can become a living hell. Dogs can seem aggressive and intimidating, especially when they’re not on a leash.

If you’re scared of canines and your neighbor has let their pet run loose, you should let them know how you feel about it immediately. helps you solve the problem with your neighbor elegantly. We can assist you in figuring out how to file a formal complaint or take legal action if your neighbors let their dog run loose.

Why Do Neighbors Let Their Dogs Run Loose?

There are several reasons why neighbors let their dogs run around:

  • They don’t believe in dog chaining
  • The dog can be suffering from some illness
  • Your neighbors are not aware their dog is not tethered

Most communities have clear laws on loose canines and mandate all owners to ensure their pets are leashed, especially on public property. They can run loose on private property, provided the owner supervises them.

Should Untethered Dogs Worry You?

Most dogs are friendly and don’t bite, but some can be possessive and vicious. Check out why and when to worry about loose dogs in the table below:

Common Issues With Untethered DogsBrief Explanation
Attacking a passerbyCanines can attack and cause harm to bystanders, especially if they’re untrained
Cynophobia (fear of dogs)If someone has cynophobia, they can get a panic attack if they see a dog running loose
Untrained dogsSome dogs are untrained or aggressive enough to attack little children
AccidentsIf the house gate is open, they can run out on the street and risk getting injured
Invade other people’s propertyDogs can get onto other people’s properties and create a mess
Accidentally run into a shooting rangeThey can even get into a shooting range and risk getting shot

How To Prevent Neighbors From Letting Their Dog Run Loose

There are three ways to solve this issue before reporting your neighbors to the authorities:

  1. Befriend the dog
  2. Address your concerns
  3. Mail a warning letter

Befriend the Dog

If you feel the dog is friendly enough and won’t bite you, you can try befriending the furry prankster. Some breeds are pretty sociable and love making new pals. You can ask your neighbor to let you spend some time with the dog, but make sure the owner is present at all times.

Once you get to know them, their running around won’t bother you, and the dog may even react to your commands.

Express Your Concerns to Your Neighbor

If dogs scare the living daylights out of you, talk to your neighbor. A straightforward conversion tends to be the best problem-solving method. Your neighbors might not even be aware that their dog’s behavior is annoying or disruptive.

When you approach your neighbors, make sure to remain polite and calm. Explain the issue, and try coming up with a solution together. Here’s what you should do:

  • Describe the incidents when the dog has run loose and disrupted your activities
  • Show documented proof if your neighbor doesn’t take your word for it
  • Let the pet owner know how it has affected you or other people in the neighborhood
  • Advise your neighbor what they can do (train the dog, tie it up, or walk it on a leash)

If the dog is violent and dangerous, you need to be firm and assertive when talking to the neighbor. Let them know that they need to keep the dog properly leashed at all times or you might have to call animal control.

Mail a Warning Letter

If your neighbor does not take your complaint seriously, send them a formal complaint to express the gravity of the situation.

Before writing the complaint, check out what the local rules state about dogs running loose because it’s crucial to include all facts and elaborate on the potential consequences.

You can also talk to other people in the neighborhood to check if they feel the same. A collective neighborhood complaint has a bigger impact than an individual one.

Let DoNotPay Deal With Neighbor-Related Issues for You

If you can’t be bothered with the neighborhood hassle, use DoNotPay to draft a demand letter and teach your neighbor and their rude dog a lesson. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. in your web browser
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DoNotPay will create and send the document on your behalf. It should be enough to prompt your neighbors to fix the problem. If not, you can file a formal complaint with the local authorities or take legal action.

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