How Should I Deal With a Neighbor Who Stole My Package?

Neighbor Complaints How Should I Deal With a Neighbor Who Stole My Package?

My Neighbor Stole My Package! What Should I Do?

Are you an online shopper and have lots of packages coming your way? Did you realize some of your packages are missing? Do you suspect your neighbor is stealing your packages? We are here to help you out!

“My neighbor stole my package” is a thought that crosses many Americans' minds. In this text, DoNotPay will guide you through the process of finding out if your neighbor is stealing from you and how to confront them.

Is My Neighbor Stealing From Me?

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions that your neighbors are stealing right away.

There can be times when you might be mistaken. For example, a courier might accidentally deliver your package to a neighbor or is confident that the neighbor will hand it over to you. You could have also put in the wrong address by mistake.

If you still suspect that your neighbor is stealing from you, there are several ways to find out:

Methods of Finding Out if Your Neighbor Is StealingExplanation
Security cameraInstall a security camera outside your house
Stay homeStay home on a delivery day and hide in your house to check if a neighbor comes to take away your package
Talk to other peopleAsk other people from the neighborhood if they’ve seen any suspicious activity outside your house
Motion sensorInstall a motion sensor. If an intruder walks into your house, your house lights or lawn sprinkler will automatically turn on
Talk to the delivery serviceConfirm that the package was delivered.

You should also check if the delivery person is delivering to the right address. At times, certain house or apartment numbers can be confusing for courier companies

What Types of Packages Can a Neighbor Steal?

It is easy for thieves to steal small deliveries instead of big, bulky ones. Small packages can include:

  1. Makeup and beauty products
  2. Electronics and gadgets
  3. Clothes and jewelry
  4. Personal documents, such as credit cards and bank statements
  5. Professional documents, including company incorporation documents

Sure Your Neighbor Stole a Package? What Now?

Before you confront your neighbor, make sure you have solid proof. In case you don’t, they might deny your claim and refuse to settle.

The first thing you should do after confirming your neighbor has taken your package is to talk to them. Ask them if they have received your package by mistake. A neighbor might have taken it if you weren’t home and was waiting for you to get back.

In other cases, they might be stealing from you. If that happens, you should let them know that counts as theft, and you can press charges. Be precise and accurate—don’t beat around the bush. Avoid getting too angry when talking to them—negotiations work best when both parties are calm and composed.

What Can I Do if a Neighbor Steals My Package?

If you have documented proof that your neighbor has stolen your package, here are several corrective steps you can take:

  • File a claim with the shipping company
  • Request a replacement or refund from the vendor
  • File a police report or an insurance claim

Can DoNotPay Help Me Get My Package Back?

If the neighbor does not return your package or keeps stealing, you should send them a demand letter as a warning of possible legal consequences. You can also ask for financial compensation for the cost of every package.

Demand letters should contain all factual information and documented proof of your neighbor stealing the package. DoNotPay can help you draft a demand letter in the blink of an eye. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Choose the Neighbor Complaint product
  3. Select the type of neighbor complaint you have
  4. Provide additional information about the problem you’re experiencing

That’s it! We will create the letter and mail it to your neighbor. Ideally, this will be more than enough to set your neighbor straight. If they still don’t back off, you can file a formal complaint with the authorities or seek legal action.

How Else Can DoNotPay Address Neighbor Issues?

If you have other issues with your neighbors, we can help you out with more concerns, such as:

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