What To Do if Your Neighbor Leaves Their Dog Outside All Day

Neighbor Complaints What To Do if Your Neighbor Leaves Their Dog Outside All Day

If a Neighbor Leaves Their Dog Outside All Day, Don’t Hesitate—Call Them Out

If you have a neglectful neighbor who leaves their dog outside all day in the cold or scorching heat, don’t be a part of the problem. There is a lot you can do to help out the poor animal.

DoNotPay is your best ally in dealing with careless neighbors legally. We can give you tips for coping with bad neighbors and help you draft a demand letter to let them know you’re serious.

Learn About the Laws That Protect Neglected Animals

If your neighbor leaves their dog outside all day, you have the right to react, but make sure to check your state’s animal anti-cruelty laws beforehand. Here are some general legal facts about animal abuse:

  • Animal abuse is a misdemeanor crime in every U.S. state, and it can result in prison time for the abuser
  • Penalties can be levied in Oklahoma and Massachusetts in any animal abuse case
  • Georgia law applies felony charges for animal abuse cases if malice can be proven
  • Washington, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and California state laws treat animal abuse cases as felonies if the abused animal dies

Signs That Show a Dog Is Being Abused

Being chained outside or left in a kennel all day are clear signals of dog abuse. Here are some other telltale signs of animal neglect:

  1. Fur loss, mange, or other drastic changes in appearance
  2. Unattended wounds or injuries
  3. Thin or underfed physique

According to TopDogTips, abused animals demonstrate distinct behavior patterns that you can notice from afar. They can be attention-seeking, afraid of strangers, hyperactive, strange, or aggressive. These behaviors can result in attacks on other dogs or humans, entering other people’s yards, or excessive and uncontrollable peeing and pooping.

The Best Ways To Deal With a Neighbor That Leaves Their Dog Outside All Day

A dog may be powerless to the ignorance of its owner, but you are not. The only thing a dog can do is bark constantly, but you can take action and help the dog out by drawing your neighbor’s attention to the issue. Here are the best ways to deal with your dog abusing neighbor:

How To Deal With This IssueExplanation
Talk to your neighborCommunication is the key to resolving almost any issue. If your neighbor is even slightly reasonable, they’ll understand why you’re upset by their actions. Perhaps they have an explanation, and they’re only temporarily leaving their dog outside. If the neighbor is responsive, offer to help them out (build a dog shed together, dog-sit for them, or walk the dog in their stead)
Talk to other neighborsSee what the other neighbors have to say, and talk about adopting the dog and giving it a better life. If several neighbors call out the dog abuse, the abuser may feel more pressure and react faster
Gather the detailsWrite down the location, date, and time of animal abuse. If you can, take photo and video evidence. It’ll come in handy in case you decide to report the neighbor
Inform the local animal control services or the sheriff’s departmentLetting the local authorities know what’s going on often brings an immediate response. Be sure to give all the details to the authorities, and they’ll at least warn the owner—if not, take the dog away
Write a demand letter to the neighbor in questionIf you want to take legal action against the neighbor, start by mailing them a demand letter

Send Your Neglectful Neighbor a Demand Letter With DoNotPay

Animal abuse is a serious matter, and you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to it. If your neighbor is not responding to your friendly advice and they keep abusing their dog, it’s time to take action. Sign up for DoNotPay, and we’ll create and send a demand letter with the arbitration notice in your stead. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open our website and look for Neighbor Complaints
  2. Choose the issue you have with the neighbor (animal complaint)
  3. Write down as many details you remember (the time and date of the event, your discussions with the neighbor, etc.)

What Else Can DoNotPay Help You With?

DoNotPay has solutions for all your neighbor complaints. Here are some more dog-related neighbor guides available on our website:

If you subscribe to DoNotPay, we can also help you with other issues with neighbors, including:

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