Getting a Nebraska Scholarship—What You Need To Know

Discover and Apply for Scholarships Getting a Nebraska Scholarship—What You Need To Know

A Brief Guide to Finding a Nebraska Scholarship Hassle-Free

Tuition fees for colleges in Nebraska can be quite high, and many U.S. citizens struggle to provide for their education. That’s why the government and numerous companies, universities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) offer financial aid—such as scholarships and grants—to help students in their quest for knowledge.

The problem with these scholarships is that there are a lot of them, and the relevant information is scattered all over the internet—it’s hard to get the best scholarship if you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’ve composed this Nebraska scholarship guide to show you how you should go about it.

We’ll also explain how you can use DoNotPay to get a list of all scholarships you qualify for and apply hassle-free.

How To Find Scholarships in Nebraska

The first question that comes to mind when trying to find out what scholarships are available is where you should look for them. Here are some options:

  • Your school’s financial aid office—Most high schools have an office where you can find out about scholarships you may be eligible for. The school staff will help you by telling you where to start your search, whether you’re a high school senior or junior
  • College counselors—Similarly, every college has an employee you can turn to if you’re looking for a college or graduate school scholarship
  • Nebraska Department of Education—The NDE has a list of all available scholarships on their website
  • Different organizations and NGOs—A lot of organizations offer scholarships aimed at a specific group, which you may belong to. For instance, there are scholarships for women, veterans, moms, the disabled, international students, and similar
  • Organizations devoted to specific ethnicities—As is the case with most states, Nebraska has a plethora of scholarships dedicated to minoritiesHispanics, Muslims, Africans, Filipinos, etc.
  • Scholarship websites—Scholarship programs run their own websites where they provide all the necessary information
  • DoNotPay—The chances are that you won’t find out about half of the scholarships you’re a good match for during your search. The problem occurs because there’s no one place that will show you all the available Nebraska college scholarships—except for DoNotPay. By signing up for our app, you can get a list of every Nebraska scholarship you’re eligible for in a few minutes!

Nebraska Scholarships Eligibility Requirements

Depending on the ethnicity, gender, and place of residence of the applicant and the scholarship amount (which can go from $250 to $10,000), there are scholarships that have to deal with a significant number of applicants. To make sure they give the opportunity to the right candidates, they set strict eligibility requirements.

To give you an idea of the requirements you need to fulfill, we’ve selected several popular scholarships. Check out this table for more info:

ScholarshipEligibility RequirementsAmount
Susan T. Buffett Foundation
  • 2.5 GPA minimum or 80 overall
  • Full-time matriculate at one of the in-state public colleges
  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC) below $10,000
  • Graduated from a high school in Nebraska
$4,350 per semester
Sowers Club of Nebraska
  • U.S. citizen with residence in Nebraska
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Registered for 12+ credits per term
  • Regular participation in extracurricular activities
  • Legal U.S. resident of Nebraska
  • High school diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate
  • Enrolled at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, Kearney, or Lincoln
  • Satisfactory academic standing
MCC Board of Governors Graduating Senior Scholarship
  • Resident of Washington, Douglas, Dodge, or Sarpy counties
  • Graduating high school senior with at least 2.75 GPA
  • Eligible for financial assistance under FAFSA
  • Full-time matriculate in an MCC degree
$1,062 per quarter
Lawrence and Pauline Lemons
  • High school graduate from Scotts Bluff County
  • Student at nonprofit colleges or trade schools
  • Maintain full-time student status with a minimum of 12 hours
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
Kearney Health Opportunities Program
  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • ACT composite score of at least 23
  • Commitment to rural healthcare
$6,952 per year

How To Apply for a Nebraska Scholarship

Every scholarship program has its own procedure for applying. Still, there are some general steps you need to complete to get yourself a scholarship, as follows:

  1. Find a scholarship that suits your academic ambitions
  2. See if you fulfill all the requirements for the specific scholarship
  3. Check out the deadlines for applying
  4. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form
  5. Prepare all the necessary documentation. Most scholarships require the following:
    1. Financial aid data
    2. Essay
    3. Work samples
    4. Letters of recommendation
    5. Transcripts

Finding the Perfect Nebraska Scholarship Using DoNotPay

How can you make sure you have not missed out on the scholarship that would fit you best? After all, there’s no way of telling if you’ve seen every available scholarship out there—unless you rely on DoNotPay.

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  3. Answer a few questions about yourself and your level of study
  4. Select the type of scholarship you’re looking for

In a few moments, our app will provide you with the list of scholarships you can apply for.

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