How to Get Rental Assistance in Nebraska

Help With Rent How to Get Rental Assistance in Nebraska

How to Get Rental Assistance in Nebraska

Meeting rental expenses can be hard on anyone when unforeseen events such as job loss and illness crops up. However, those who need help with rental expenses can count on the Nebraska rental assistance programs and local organizations that make resources available to help those struggling to sustain housing bills.

Most of these programs accept applications from both landlords and renters. DoNotPay's rental assistance product can help you find your local programs to avoid eviction.

Rental Assistance in Nebraska

Nebraska and various church and charity programs provide resources directly to residents that need help paying rent and utility bills. You can access services such as the Nebraska rental assistance program, the housing voucher, lifeline Nebraska, and Blue Valley Community Action Partnership.

You can also get help from Nebraska's low-income home energy assistance program and Nebraska's low-income housing program.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Nebraska

The ERA program is among Nebraska's most common forms of housing assistance. This program makes $158 million available to assist low-income families in Nebraska to pay rent and other housing utilities.

The program is also made available locally to Omaha city and Lincoln residents. Thus, Nebraska citizens do not have to worry about rental issues. However, you have to qualify for the ERA program before enjoying the scheme's benefits.

Eligibility Requirements for Nebraska Emergency Rental Assistance

For you to qualify for the Nebraska ERA program, you must meet all of these requirements:

  1. Must be a Nebraska Resident
  2. Must be a renter with a current lease agreement
  3. Your family must meet 80% of the income limit eligibility
  4. Must be a legal alien or a US resident
  5. Must be unable to pay all of your rent or partly due to factors like unemployment, income reduction
  6. Must be able to show a risk of housing instability by showing proof of eviction notice or rent arrears

The ERA scheme may only be used to settle part of your rent and utility costs that are not covered by the other housing assistance programs in which you are a beneficiary.

The ERA program gives up to $20000 per beneficiary, which can pay rent and housing utilities provided:

  • You are eligible to apply for a maximum of 12 months of rent arrears and have up to 3 months of future rent from the time of submitting your application.
  • You can still apply for extra rent assistance in the future, even when your application is approved. However, you are only limited to 15 months of assistance.
  • The rental assistance eligibility in your housing agreement will be limited to 10% of the rent paid. And the total assistance per family should not exceed the specified amount.
  • The utilities eligible for the program are electricity, water, gas, services for trash removal, and energy costs.

The Housing Voucher Program in Nebraska

The Section 8 housing voucher scheme is also one of the standard programs funded by the federal government but administered by the Nebraska Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The main objective of this program is to help eligible low-income households with rental expenses.

The Housing Voucher Eligibility Requirements in Nebraska

For you to be eligible for a Section 8 housing voucher, you need to:

  • Be part of the household with income less than 30% of the median income in Nebraska. Qualifying limits vary by family size.
  1. A family of 4 that earns up to $43100
  2. A family of 4 that earns up to $25850
  • The income per household must not exceed 50% of the median income based on your county or metro area.
  • Be a legal US citizen residing in Nebraska.
  • Be part of the household that has a disabled member or young children.

Nebraska Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program

The NLWA program is a state-funded scheme to assist hard-up households. It aims to offer energy efficiency to Nebraska residents. Those who qualify for the program have more energy-efficient homes because it is meant to provide all technical assistance for your home. Thus, It helps families to save energy and money.


To qualify for this program, you need to be:

  • A resident of Nebraska
  • Must be aged 60 years and above
  • Your household must have more than one member with a disability
  • Your family must have young children

How to Apply for a Rental Assistance Program in Nebraska by Yourself

The table below shows the instructions for applying for various rental assistance programs in Nebraska:

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program in NebraskaThe ERA application process requires you to have the necessary documents before starting the process.

  1. Review your qualifications
  2. Provide your supporting documents such as proof of financial challenge through unemployment report, current lease agreement, driver's license or photo ID, and proof of current income
  3. Use an online application portal to upload the documents.
  4. Keep checking your application status online.
  5. Wait for a confirmation email.
The Housing Voucher Program in NebraskaYou may apply for the Housing Voucher program in Nebraska in person at a regional department of social services office or HUD field office.

Most of the time, the list for a housing voucher in Nebraska is full; thus, applicants may be needed to wait. Or you can check via the section 8 program to view waiting lists in the state.

Nebraska Low Income Weatherization Assistance ProgramTo apply for this program, you have to contact your regional service provider to fill the application in person or online. Besides, you can visit the grantee contacts page to find the local WAP administrator.

Rental Assistance Application Challenges in Nebraska

Self-application to these programs proves to be difficult for most applicants because they are prone to challenges such as:

  • Too much documentation makes it complicated
  • Prone to delays: the housing voucher is always full, thus hard to find, while ERA takes two to three weeks.
  • Difficulties in locating nearby rental assistance agency

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