The Quickest Way To Apply for the NC Victims Compensation Services

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The Quickest Way To Apply for the NC Victims Compensation Services

Are you a victim or a relative of the victim of a violent crime that took place in North Carolina? If you’re struggling to pay for a funeral, counseling, or medical care, you’ll find this article helpful.

DoNotPay will help you as effortlessly as possible. Follow our guide to find out more about crime victims compensation in North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, or any other state.

Learn About the North Carolina Victims Compensation Services

Victims Compensation Services in North Carolina is a financial assistance program that helps victims of violent crimes or their family members pay for the crime-related expenses. The program receives funds for victims of violent crimes from:

  1. Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant—the Act established the Crime Victims Fund that collects money from criminal fines and penalties. Each year, states apply for the grant and use the funds to help victims
  2. Annual appropriation
  3. Prison enterprises
  4. Prison canteens

You should apply for the Victim Compensation Services only if your costs aren’t covered by other sources of reimbursement, including:

  • Medicaid and other public funds
  • Health insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Auto or disability insurance
  • Restitution fines by an offender

North Carolina offers another victim compensation program—Rape Victim Assistance. Victims of rape or sex offenses can apply for both programs if Rape Victim Assistance isn’t enough to cover all costs.

Who Qualifies for Victims Compensation in NC?

The program covers the costs of:

  • Victims of:
  • Families of homicide victims

To qualify for the compensation, you have to:

  • Have filed a police report within 72 hours of the crime
  • Apply for the program within two years of the crime

A victim can get compensation for medical therapy for crime-related injuries during the first year after the date of the crime.

DoNotPay Helps You Apply for the NC Victims Compensation Services in No Time

People affected by a violent crime need time to heal after the traumatic event. Crime-caused financial issues most victims and their family members have to deal with can make the healing process more difficult. That’s why every American state has a Crime Victims Compensation Program dedicated to helping victims of violent crimes, terrorist attacks, and similar.

Not many people apply for these programs even if they’re eligible. A College of Criminal Justice report states that the compensation programs fund around $200,000 every year. Since there were almost seven million victims only in 2012, this represents a small number of victims. People either don’t know about the programs or choose not to apply because the process can be complicated and lengthy.

DoNotPay strives to make your life easier and help you deal with financial struggles caused by a violent crime. We have developed an easy-to-use product that will help you apply for a Crime Victims Compensation Program in your state.

To apply for victim compensation in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois, Alabama, West Virginia, or any other state in a few clicks, follow these steps:

  1. Choose our Compensation for Crime Victims product
  2. Tell us whether you’re:
    • The victim
    • A family member of the victim
  3. Answer our questions
  4. Verify your signature

As soon as you click on the Submit button, we will fill in your application and send it to the appropriate office.

Which Costs Can Be Covered by the NC Victims Compensation Services?

The following table shows which expenses the Victims Compensation Services covers:

Compensable CostsMaximum Compensable Amount
  • Medical examination and treatments


  • Lost wages/support

$300 per week for 26 weeks

$50 per child for 26 weeks in a domestic violence case

  • Funerals


  • Replacement services

Not specified—Decided on a case-by-case basis

  • Mental health counseling:
    • One year for adults
    • Two years for children younger than ten
  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Travel to get medical assistance

Victims Compensation Services doesn’t compensate the victims or the family members of the victims for pain, suffering, or damaged or stolen property.

Rape Victim Assistance covers the complete costs of the forensic medical examination for rape victims.

What Happens After You File an Application?

If you apply for the amount of $12,500 and below, the program director will review your request. Should your amount exceed $12,500, the Crime Victims Compensation Board is authorized to make the decision.

While every case and request is different, the approximate processing time is between three and six months. If you send a copy of the police report and one medical bill with your application, the processing time will be shorter.

Should your claim be approved, Victims Compensation Services will send the payment to the service providers directly. Additional payments for out-of-pocket payments you’ve had will be sent to you. In case your application gets rejected, you can file an appeal with the Office of Administrative Hearings by:

  • Calling 919-431-3000
  • Sending an appeal letter to the following address: Office of Administrative Hearings, 1711 New Hope Church Road, Raleigh, NC 27609

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