Nauru Tourist Visa Application Explained

Tourist Visa Guide Nauru Tourist Visa Application Explained

Is a Nauru Tourist Visa Necessary for U.S. Citizens?

When you start gathering the necessary paperwork for your visa, even a trip to paradise like Nauru can become overwhelming. To help you lose unnecessary stress and get your focus back on the white sandy beaches of Nauru, we created this comprehensive guide.

DoNotPay gives you answers to all your questions about the Nauru tourist visa application and requirements.

Do U.S. Passport Holders Need a Visa To Enter Nauru?

The answer is—yes. If you are a U.S. citizen or a U.S. passport holder, you will need to obtain a visa if you wish to enter this small country in Oceania.

Nauru issues only one type of tourist visa for a maximum stay of 30 days.

Nauru Tourist Visa Requirements

Nauru will grant you entry only if you acquire a visa before arriving on the island. To get your tourist visa, you need to submit:

  • Completed application form for a visitor’s visa issued by Nauru’s Department of Justice and Border Control
  • Passport that should:
    • Be valid at least three months of your arrival to Nauru
    • Have at least one blank page per stamp
  • Passport-size photo you took recently
  • Proof of hotel reservation or sponsorship from a Nauru resident
  • Return ticket

What Does the Nauru Visa Application Entail?

To get your visa on time, you should apply for it at least two months before your trip to Nauru. You have to do the following:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Scan all required documents in color
  3. Send documents to the director of the National Immigration office at or

Once you’ve done your part, the Department of Justice and Border Control will email you a copy of your visa within a month. If you would like to get the visa faster, you should contact the Nauru government.

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the Contact Us page on the Nauru government website
  2. Fill out the form by providing:
  3. Your name, surname, email address, and phone number
  4. Reason you’re reaching out—Immigration and Visas, in this case
  5. Type in your question in the Comment/Enquiry field
  6. Click on Submit

You should receive an email with the answer you are looking for.

Are There Any COVID-Related Restrictions in Nauru?

The Government of Nauru constantly updates its entry requirements, and at the moment, entry to Nauru is partially allowed. According to the COVID-19 updates from April 2021, Nauru is COVID-free, but to visit this country, you will need to:

  • Present a negative PCR or serology test result taken at least three days prior
  • Go through health screening procedures at the airport or other points of entry
  • Stay in either Fiji, New Zealand, or Australia for at least 14 days before entering Nauru
  • Quarantine in a facility the Nauru government designates you upon your arrival to the country

Nauru doesn’t impose any movement restrictions, yet the public transportation is not operating.

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