Nailing Down the Nail Salon Startup Cost

Small Business Loan Request Letter Nailing Down the Nail Salon Startup Cost

The Nail Salon Startup Cost Unraveled: What You Should Know

While running a nail salon can help you make a substantial profit, you must invest a significant amount of money, too, especially in the beginning.

Before opening a nail salon, you should think about all the expenses you will have and make a detailed financial plan. If you are unsure of where to start, this guide will help you.

We will cover the one-time and recurring startup costs of running a nail salon. Don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses? Rely on DoNotPay to find out:

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One-Time Nail Salon Startup Costs

The amount you need to open a nail salon will depend on how big your operation is. Here is a rundown of the costs involved:

ExpenseCost Estimation
Salon equipment
  • Styling station: $200–$1,000
  • Cars and trolleys: $40–$300
  • Tuition fee: $4,324 (national average)
  • Beauty kit: $700
Initial inventory and supplies
  • Inventory: $4,000
  • Supplies: up to $20,000
Remodeling/Renovation (if applicable)$32,000
Initial cash reserveAt least $500
Salon licenseVaries depending on the state
Renting a booth$250–$1200
Buying an existing salon$40,000–$250,000
Building the salon from scratch$100,000–$500,000

Ongoing Nail Salon Startup Costs

You will have to deal with a myriad of recurring costs as your business grows. These expenses might be on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, so you need to plan your budget carefully.

Some of the expenses you will need to cover are:

  • Business insurance$300–$700 annually
  • Cleaning and upkeep—$50–$200 monthly
  • Repairs and maintenance—$500 monthly
  • Emergency cash reserve—$500 monthly
  • Utilities—$640–$4,000 monthly
  • Marketing$20–$4,100 when needed

You may also need to hire staff, which creates additional annual expenses, as follows:

  • Nail care technicians—$22,000–$43,000
  • Salon manager—$21,000–$47,000
  • Manicurist—$20,000–$50,000
  • Receptionist—$17,000–$29,000
  • Aesthetician—$23,000–$56,000

How To Finance Nail Salon Startup Costs

Running a successful nail salon business can be costly. If you cannot meet the expenses, consider applying for startup business loans.

Banks and other lenders offer many types of loans for small businesses and startups, such as:

  1. The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) loans
  2. Venture capital
  3. Business credit cards
  4. Real estate loans
  5. Equipment loans
  6. Business lines of credit

Take your time learning more about each loan option to make an informed decision. When evaluating what the best loan option for your business is, consider the interest rates, loan terms, and qualification requirements.

Most lenders offer loans only to borrowers who are creditworthy. To qualify for a loan, you must have:

  • Excellent personal and business credit scores
  • Upstanding financial history and cashflow
  • Clear business plans
  • Collateral (if you wish to borrow a large sum of money)
  • Relevant experience in the industry

Reasons a Business Loan Request Can Be Denied

Before you apply for a loan, you may want to watch out for these common factors that can get your loan request rejected:

  1. Your business is considered risky—Businesses in certain industries may have a hard time securing a loan from traditional banks because they are perceived as unpredictable or risky
  2. Inconsistent cash flow—Lack of cash flow is a red flag for many lenders because it means that the business may not have enough money to cover expenses and repay outstanding debt at the same time
  3. Incomplete paperwork—While it may seem trivial, incomplete documentation is one of the most common reasons why lenders reject loan applications. This is why it’s important for you to get your paperwork in order before applying

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