What Are the Steps I Should Take if My Neighbor Watches My Every Move?

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What Should I Do if I Suspect My Neighbor Watches My Every Move?

If you live in a communal area, you will have to deal with all sorts of neighbors. They may be noisy, keep loud pets, or have other nasty habits. The worst are probably the ones that make you feel unsafe.

“My neighbor watches my every move” is something a lot of Americans uttered at least once. In case you have a similar problem, has got your back! We offer useful tips and tricks to prevent your neighbor from prying into your business and help you handle the situation if things get out of hand.

How Do I Know if My Neighbor Is Spying on Me?

Neighbor stalking is frightening and unsettling. Some states even define it as neighbor harassment. It doesn’t matter if the stalker is a bored elderly lady or a sleazy neighbor attracted to you—it is considered an invasion of privacy.

There are several ways to figure out if your neighbor is spying on you. Check out the details in the table below:

How Do I Know My Neighbor Is Spying on Me?Brief Explanation
Confidential informationThey ask about your personal information to try to dig up sensitive details
Tampered mailIf you often find opened letters in your mailbox, there’s a real chance someone is messing with your mail to extract info
Hidden devicesYou spotted hidden cameras and listening devices in or around your apartment
Social mediaThey keep liking and commenting on your social media posts even though you ignore them
Breaking and enteringYou suspect that someone has been in your house. A different smell lingers inside your home, and some of your items have been moved
Direct stalkingYou pull your curtain back only to see them looking directly at your window

What Should I Do if My Neighbor Watches My Every Move?

Take some preventative measures to avoid your neighbor’s spying eyes by following these steps:

  1. Install a spy camera outside your house to document the stalking
  2. Invest in heavy curtains or blinds to prevent them from looking into your home
  3. Avoid them as much as you can. Wear earphones when you go out, and pretend you don’t hear them if they call you
  4. Pretend to be as busy as possible if you cross their path
  5. Get a taller fence or a privacy window film around your property

Should I Report My Neighbor to the Authorities?

If you feel the spying is “harmless,” you should exhaust all other options before reporting your neighbor to the authorities.

The problem is that stalking can become dangerous, so if you feel an imminent threat to your safety, call 911 to report your neighbor immediately. Even when you don’t perceive their behavior as harassment, you should gather evidence of their suspicious behavior. In case the situation escalates and you need to call the police, the authorities will take you seriously.

Should I Confront My Neighbor and Let Them Know They’re Making Me Uncomfortable?

Although communication is usually the best solution to handle neighbor-related issues, it might not be the best approach in this particular situation. If your neighbor is a sleazy stalker, they might mistake your complaints for a step towards friendship and get even more intrusive. In case your stalker is a lonely lady, you might feel bad if they start crying during the conversation.

Should you decide to confront your neighbor, here’s what you need to do:

  • Explain how their prying behavior makes you uncomfortable
  • Show them photographic evidence if they deny the stalking
  • Let them know they need to stop immediately or will face legal consequences

You should be polite but assertive—there’s no need to be friendly, but make sure you’re not rude either.

Can I Send a Warning Letter if My Neighbor Doesn’t Stop?

If the issue persists, it’s time to take some serious action. Send a warning letter informing your neighbor that you will press legal charges if the stalking doesn’t stop immediately.

Your demand letter should include the following information:

  • Arbitration notice
  • Evidence of your neighbor’s activities
  • Warning of potential legal consequences
  • Financial compensation for causing emotional distress (optional but effective)

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