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My Neighbor Smokes Weed, and It Comes Into My Apartment—What Can I Do?

Annoying neighbors can disrupt your peace of mind in many ways, from being extremely noisy to damaging your property. One of the common problems people have is living close to regular pot smokers.

“My neighbor smokes weed, and it comes into my apartment” is an issue that many Americans have trouble solving.

If you need some tips for stopping your neighbor’s pot fumes from coming into your apartment, you have come to the right place. DoNotPay will provide helpful advice and offer a bullet-proof solution to your problem!

Do I Have Legal Grounds To Complain About My Neighbor Smoking Weed in the Apartment?

While some may argue that smoking weed produces the same smell as smoking cigarettes, that’s not entirely true. If your neighbors’ weed fumes keep drifting into your apartment, you may suffer in more ways than having your curtains and clothes smell of pot all the time.

The weed smoke may affect those who are not partaking, which means you can get high on your neighbor’s pot fumes. That is especially problematic if you have a child.

You can try resolving the issue in a friendly manner or resort to sterner measures. Either way, if you feel like your neighbor’s pot-smoking habits are polluting your living space, you have the right to complain about it.

How To Deal With Pot-Smoking Neighbors

Resolving the issue on a high note (pun intended) doesn’t involve getting aggressive or filing a complaint straight away. A confrontational approach can easily provoke your neighbors and have a countereffect. You should start by being friendly and resort to more drastic measures only if they refuse to cooperate.

The available methods for handling your Mary-Jane-loving neighbors include:

  1. Talking to them
  2. Consulting your landlord or building manager
  3. Using a mediator
  4. Sending a demand letter
  5. Calling the cops

Talk to Your Neighbors and Come to a (Joint) Solution

Being straightforward with your neighbors about the problem usually has a surprisingly positive effect. When talking to them, you should:

  • Introduce yourself and explain where you live
  • Approach them with consideration, not accusations, since they may be unaware of how much their pot-smoking habits affect you
  • Offer constructive suggestions, such as to:
    • Place a wet towel between the door and the floor to stop the fumes from coming out
    • Choose a different room in the apartment to smoke (preferably one with a ventilated fan on)
    • Open the windows and blow the smoke out
    • Consume edibles or vaporize

If you are not a fan of confrontation, you can write a whimsical note and leave it in front of your neighbor’s apartment with scented candles and some snacks (for the munchies).

Talk to Your Landlord or Building Manager

If you fail to see any changes in your neighbor’s behavior, you should complain to your landlord or building manager. You can check the rules of the lease or building policies beforehand to see if there is a clause that can help your case. The landlord or building manager should talk to your neighbor on your behalf.

Use a Mediator

A mediator serves as an objective third party hired to handle neighbor disputes in a constructive manner.

In mediation, a designated person meets with one or more confronted parties to discuss the problem and help them find an acceptable solution.

Send a Demand Letter

If the friendly approach doesn’t work, it’s time to send your neighbor a demand letter. It gives them one last shot to change and informs them of the potential legal consequences of their behavior. A well-written demand letter should show your neighbor you mean business and stop the disturbance once and for all. That’s why you should and let us draw up a demand letter for you.

Inform the Authorities

When nothing seems to be working, you have no choice but to contact the authorities. Since smoking pot is legal in some states, you have to research your state’s laws thoroughly to see where you stand.

If you can prove that the pot odor is a nuisance (it is irritating, obstructive, or dangerous), you may have a case for a civil lawsuit.

If the Stakes Are Too High, Use DoNotPay To Create a Demand Letter

DoNotPay can help out with all kinds of inconsiderate neighbor behavior. Regardless of the issue, we will draw up a demand letter that will show your neighbors you’re not joking!

The process works like this:

  1. in a web browser
  2. Choose our Neighbor Complaint tool
  3. Select the type of problem you are experiencing
  4. Answer a few questions

We will not only create but also send the letter to their royal highness. You can expect an appropriate response shortly after.

What Else Can DoNotPay Help Me With?

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