How To Recognize a Valid Musicians Contract Template

Standardized Legal Documents How To Recognize a Valid Musicians Contract Template

How To Find a Top-Level Musicians Contract Template

A musician contract is probably the most important legal document a music-industry creative has to sign in their career. They need to consider all aspects of the contract before signing it.

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What Is a Musician Contract?

A musician contract is an agreement between a musician or a band and a professional manager. It outlines the crucial terms of the collaboration, including long-term expectations, booking arrangements, and management fees.

Here is what you need to have in mind when creating a musician contract:

  • Keep it simple—You don’t have to overcomplicate the agreement. Make sure to cover the essential factors, such as payment, labor division, and the duration of the contract
  • Make sure it’s mutually beneficial—The agreement must be fair to both sides equally. For example, a musician shouldn’t renounce their fair share in exchange for an experienced manager’s expertise
  • Sign it in good faith—An artist must be on good terms with a manager when entering the agreement. If both sides start looking for loopholes in the contract, it’s a sign of mistrust between the parties

What Types of Musician Contracts Are There?

Before deciding on a musician contract template, you should know which type suits your needs. The choice depends on the manager and their policy. You can opt for the following agreements:

  1. Short-term
  2. Long-term

A Short-Term Musician Contract 

A musician can use this contract if they don’t want to make any long-term commitment to their manager. The terms of this agreement are straightforward and should include the following info:

  • Duration 
  • Commission or reimbursement for the manager
  • Details about breaching the contract
  • Division of labor
  • Dates and signatures

After the contract expires, both parties can either take their separate ways or enter a long-term agreement.

A Long-Term Musician Contract

If a musician and manager decide to continue their collaboration, they have to make a more comprehensive agreement. The issues they need to address are:

  • Artist and manager definitions—This can refer to a corporation, partnership, or individual. Artists may include their stage name in the agreement
  • Territory—If the artist has other managers on other territories, the agreement has to clarify their names and roles
  • Duration—The duration of the agreement can range from six months to seven years. It is advisable to go for 12 months minimum
  • Commission rate—The standard commission rate is 15-20% of the artists’ earnings. Both parties can negotiate the terms depending on the time and effort the manager puts in 
  • Commission term—The manager can sometimes receive commission after the agreement expires for the achievements throughout the term 
  • Division of labor—The agreement needs to address both parties’ responsibilities
  • Bank account information of the artist—Both parties can charge interest if one party owes money to the other after the deal expires
  • Breach of contract—The agreement needs to outline the consequences of breaking the contract

Additional Clauses of a Reliable Musician Contract 

A carefully drafted contract can save you from potential disputes. You should consider adding specific clauses to your agreement to ensure its effectiveness. Take a look at the table below for a more detailed description:

Musician Contract Clauses


ExclusivityThe agreement should include a minimum-time commitment clause if the manager is working with other artists as well
Management servicesThe musician has to be on the same page with the manager regarding his or her responsibilities. The agreement should also specify the authority the manager has over the musician’s career
Decision-makingThe contract should determine if the manager can make any decisions without consulting the musician or sign any documents on his or her behalf
CommissionParticipants must agree on the manager’s commission to avoid disagreements. The musician can pay the manager the agreed-upon value or a percentage of the funds earned from various sources
ExpensesThe agreement should define who covers particular expenses. It should also specify if the manager can make purchases for the artist that they will cover from revenues

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