How to Find the Best Music Scholarships For You

Discover and Apply for Scholarships How to Find the Best Music Scholarships For You

How to Find the Best Music Scholarships For You

It takes years of hard work and dedication to master an instrument or perfect your vocal pitching, but a skill once learned stays with you for life. Music scholarships can be the light at the end of the tunnel if you are struggling to stay afloat financially, whether you are a music major or not.

The problem here is that unlike scholarships and grants for academic or athletic fields, music-related aids are hard to come by. This article will help you learn the ropes of finding and applying for the most lucrative music scholarships in a jiffy!

Who Can Apply for Scholarships for Music?

Many don’t pursue music as a full-fledged career because it can be a gamble in terms of success or due to preference of other career options. Luckily, you can find music scholarships that are open to:

  1. Music majors
  2. Non-music majors
  3. Other adult learners

Scholarship for Music Majors

If you have buckled up to have a music-centric career, start applying for suitable scholarships at the college or graduate school level. To promote musical talents across multiple demographics, certain scholarships are solely meant for communities like Hispanics, Filipinos, Indians, Africans, Asians, Muslims, Catholics, Christians. For example, the Against the Grain music scholarship is specifically awarded to students who have at least 25% Pacific Islander or Asian ethnicity.

You can also look for other minority-based music major scholarships that cater to groups such as women, black women, international students, transgender people, legal immigrants, or foster youth.

Scholarships for Musicians Not Majoring in Music

Did you know that learning music from an early age triggers the Mozart Effect and makes you smarter? No wonder you will find several musical prodigies majoring in Math, Science, Computer Science, Engineering, or Medicine!

You can find a host of music scholarships that focus on the talent of young learners, irrespective of their educational direction! You can apply for such scholarships as:

You need to check your eligibility requirements for these scholarships as they usually define an age range for competitors.

Scholarships for Other Adult Musicians or Learners

Most music scholarships are open to young students, but you can still find relevant financial aid options if you are an independent adult learner. At present, you may find several tax-free music scholarships that aim to help older women, mothers, veterans, teachers of music, disabled or autistic learners, and musicians with hearing loss or anxiety.

Need a Scholarship for Music? Here’s How To Find One

Music scholarships are hard to pin down because they are only issued by a few sources, like:

  • Federal and state government organizations
  • Prominent music schools
  • Churches
  • Corporates
  • Personal donors

To say that it’s tedious to look for music scholarships would be an understatement. If you are serious about getting one, be prepared to spend hours every week checking the recent announcements and criteria for scholarships.

If you wish to save time, use DoNotPay’s scholarship finder to effectively handle your scholarship search. Our AI-enabled app gives you a list of all grants or scholarships you qualify for. From small prize money competitions to info about full-ride scholarships—we will compile every relevant opportunity for you once you sign up!

Curious About Full-Ride Music Scholarships? Learn the Types

Full-ride scholarships in music can help you pay for post-secondary education, but they are not need-based. You need to be exceptionally talented and deliver through live auditions or other competitive tests to win such scholarships.

You can find full-ride music scholarships on the following subcategories:

  1. Performance
  2. Production
  3. Songwriting
  4. Entrepreneurship

Music Performance Scholarships

Music performance scholarships are open to students learning vocal or instrumental performance. These scholarships often cover the tuition fees and on-campus expenses for:

  • Students of classical music
  • Aspiring orchestra performers
  • Dedicated band artists

Music Production Scholarships

If you are studying to be a composer, a conductor, or an audio engineer, you should look for music production scholarships. Many of these scholarships ask you to complete internships or specific projects.

Scholarships for Songwriters

Whether you spit lyrical fire like Eminem or write your heart out like Taylor Swift, there’s no denying that good songwriting is the backbone of new-age poetry.

Songwriting scholarships are relatively few when compared to performance and production scholarships, but you can still find some good ones—like the annual John Lennon scholarships that offer $20,000 to original student lyricists!

Music Business Scholarships

Music industry bigwigs need new talents to manage streaming platform operations, artists, and record deals. If you have creative entrepreneurial ideas about the music business, you should apply to the various scholarship programs that cover your tuition fees in return for a service agreement.

Music Ed Scholarships—Raise Your Chances With a Top-Notch Application

As music scholarships are focused on merit, you need to be a perfectionist in your application strategy. Here are some tips to raise your chances of winning:

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