Who Needs a Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand, and How To Get One

Tourist Visa Guide Who Needs a Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand, and How To Get One

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand—Get Yours With Our App’s Assistance

Thailand offers a satisfying blend of sparkling beaches, magnificent temples, and intoxicating nightlife. Despite being a budget-friendly travel destination, the country’s super complicated visa policy confuses tourists to no end.

Currently, Thailand follows different visa policies based on travel intent, country of origin, period of stay, and the number of entries desired. The multiple-entry tourist visa for Thailand has especially been a real source of distress for travelers ever since the pandemic started.

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Who Needs a Tourist Visa for Thailand?

U.S. citizens with a passport valid for six months don’t need a Thailand tourist visa to visit the country—but this restricts the duration of the visit to merely 30 days.

If you wish to stay in Thailand for over 30 days, you need to apply for a tourist visa.

At the moment, the Thai government issues three different types of tourist visas across the world:

  1. Single-entry visa
  2. Visa on arrival
  3. Multiple-entry visa

Single-Entry Tourist Visa for Thailand Explained

As the name suggests, a single-entry tourist visa is a one-time use visa that allows its holder to stay in Thailand for 60 days. This visa is only valid for three months from the issue date. The approved period of stay will be stamped on your passport at your entry point in Thailand.

Authorities will consider your single-entry tourist visa exhausted the moment you leave Thailand, even when your total stay is less than 60 days.

You can apply to the Thai Immigration Bureau if you seek to prolong your travel for more than 60 days. The immigration officer may allow you to stay in the country for another 30 days with an additional fee of 1,900 Baht (about $60). Currently, U.S. citizens can only ask for one extension per single-entry tourist visa.

Visa on Arrival Is Not for U.S. Citizens

The only purpose of Thailand’s Visa on Arrival scheme is to allow a 15-day entry to tourists from countries that don’t come under the visa-free rule. As U.S. citizens already enjoy a visa waiver for 30 days, this scheme is of no use to them.

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa Is a Great Option for Frequent Visitors

The Thai government launched the Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa (METV) scheme in July 2015 to replace their existing double and triple visit policy. The METV is a feasible option for recreational visitors who often travel to the country.

Thailand used to issue double- and triple-entry visas, which confused many tourists. They were discontinued after the METV scheme became active. A multiple-entry visa is now the only relevant tourist visa that allows more than one entry into the country.

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Thailand Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

Multiple-entry tourist visas have boosted the country’s tourism significantly. This table summarizes the various features of Thailand’s METV:

Validity of visa
  • Six months
Number of entries
  • No upper limit mentioned in the METV scheme
Validity of stay
  • Maximum 60 days for each visit
Application fee
  • Anything between $150 and $200, depending on currency fluctuations
  • Each 60-day stay can be extended for 30 days if approved by a Thai immigration officer
  • The extension is available only until your visa expires
  • The extension application should be submitted along with:
    • A copy of your passport’s front page and the page containing the entry stamp
    • Your passport photo that should be 4 x 6 cm in size

Tourist Visa Thailand Multiple-Entry—Overstay Penalties

If you overstay your visa, you will face heavy fines, jail time, and even a ban from entering Thailand. The current overstay fine ranges 500–20,000 Baht ($16–$610) per day, depending on your overall period of illegal stay in the country.

In case you accidentally overstay your visa, it is always better to surrender to the authorities than wait to get busted.

The penalty for overstaying is a one-to-ten-year ban from reentering Thailand if you surrender.

The consequences are way more severe when you get busted. If you’re arrested for overstaying, you may also have to serve time in the local Immigration Detention Center before being deported.

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