The Master Service Agreement Explained

Standardized Legal Documents The Master Service Agreement Explained

How To Find the Best Master Service Agreement Template 

One of the most common legal documents used for regulating business relations is the Master Service Agreement (MSA).

The problem arises when you need to write such a contract without any legal knowledge, so our article will focus on explaining the essentials of the MSA and its features. If you are struggling to find the best contract template and create a valid document, we will show you the easy way to do it!

What Is a Master Service Agreement?

A Master Service Agreement is a perfect contract for parties planning to cooperate on multiple projects or occasions in the future. By signing it, both entities agree to the conditions and shared expectations for all upcoming projects or transactions. You need a new agreement only if there are contract modifications.

The most common fields that call for an MSA are:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Government issues
  • Commercial issues
  • Union negotiations
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Gas and oil industry
  • Long-term relationships between buyers and vendors

How Can a Master Service Agreement Help the Parties?

The purpose of implementing an MSA in your business venture is to make all the terms and conditions you and the other party propose understandable. While it’s the most important feature of this document, you get much more than that by signing it.

Below is the table containing three major reasons for solidifying your collaboration with this agreement:


Saves time

Not having to deal with separate agreements for each project or venture you start with the other party means speeding up the negotiation. You won’t need to waste time entering the same terms into the contract each time you renew your collaboration

Protects with indemnification

The MSA stipulates specific rules which apply in case one of the parties makes an error. Thanks to this term, you don’t need to bear consequences for the other entity’s mistakes and vice versa. The party which is responsible for a particular failure deals with all the losses

Explains risk allocation and resolves disputes

Risk allocation highlights the responsibilities within the union created by the parties who sign the contract. Both entities need to understand what the MSA brings and how this contract may affect other agreements. Having such a clause in your agreement will help you avoid disputes and ambiguities

What Should a Master Service Agreement Cover?

If you want to make a valid MSA that will ensure an unhindered collaboration with the other entity, you must ensure the document contains all the crucial parts. The more aspects you cover in the clauses, the less likely any misinterpretation may occur.

Here are the sections you should include in your agreement:

  1. Names, addresses, and contact details of the participating entities
  2. General objectives and expectations related to the future collaboration
  3. Business ethics
  4. The scope of work
  5. Work model and schedules
  6. Project management details
  7. List of the employees who will work on the upcoming projects
  8. Responsibilities of the members who are in charge of the project(s)
  9. Payment terms and expected charges
  10. Dispute resolution
  11. Agreement termination
  12. Signatures of both parties

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