How To Create an MOU Agreement!

Standardized Legal Documents How To Create an MOU Agreement!

Tips on Creating an MOU Agreement Trouble-Free

If you are searching for information and instructions on how to draw up an MOU agreement, you’re at the right place! You don’t need to burden yourself with a ton of unreliable info found online—we will walk you through the process of creating your contracts and legal documents step by step.

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The Memorandum of Understanding Agreement—Explained

The Memorandum of Understanding Agreement (MOU) is a formal document that serves as a contract between two or more parties. The difference between a legal contract and an MOU agreement is that an MOU doesn’t have to be legally binding.

An MOU doesn’t legally oblige a person to honor the terms of the agreement, but it is still a serious declaration that should be respected. The agreement is legally quite similar to the Letter of Intent. It should outline the obligations and responsibilities of the parties involved and be used as a basis for making a legal contract afterward.

The Benefits of an MOU Agreement

The MOU agreement comes with a few benefits that may suit your needs. We will list some of them below, so check them out!

The MOU agreement is beneficial because it:

  1. Lowers the risk of uncertainty
  2. Contains prior agreements
  3. Makes terminating engagements easy

If you aren’t certain what to include when making a legally binding agreement, the MOU can be useful. You can check the terms previously set out in your MOU agreement and use them as a guide for your legal contract.

Terminating the engagements is much easier with the MOU because it is not legally binding. If you sign a legally binding contract, the chances are you will have a harder time exiting it than you would with the MOU.

Drawing Up the MOU Agreement

To successfully make your MOU agreement, you have to know what crucial elements you should encompass and make sure not to leave them out. No need to stress over the templates you have on the internet because we will provide you with a list of all the necessary items you should incorporate. Check it out below:

  1. Names of the Parties
  2. Purpose
  3. Duration
  4. Meeting and reporting
  5. Financial considerations
  6. Management
  7. Signatures

Names of the Parties

The first thing you should incorporate in your MOU agreement is which parties are going to be involved. State the names of all parties and specify between whom the agreement is being signed.


Make sure to specify the exact goal and purpose of your MOU agreement. Avoid any confusion and misunderstanding by elaborating on the details and specifics.


Your agreement should include the exact start and end date of an MOU. Making the duration of an MOU clear will be beneficial to each party, as well as explaining the conditions and grounds for termination of it.

Meeting and Reporting

The well-established plan for meetings and reportings will be of immense help when it comes to planning and efficiency. Stating the exact protocol in your agreement will help the productivity and functionality of the program as well.

Financial Considerations

Everyone involved in the program will want to know the details about the amount of capital contribution they will be making. You should specify the details regarding that, as well as who is going to be in charge of making the major financial decisions.


The management section of your MOU agreement is super important. To get the job done, you should appoint one or more persons to take the lead in the everyday operations of the program. Assign the roles and responsibilities to everyone involved and specify them in your agreement.


When you finish drawing up your MOU agreement and go over it with all parties involved to make sure everything is agreed upon, make sure to have everyone sign it.

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Note that the document has to be signed by all parties involved.

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