Stop Harassment From Motormile Finance UK Debt In 3 Steps

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How to Stop Motormile Finance Debt Collectors From Harassing You

Are you getting calls from Motormile Finance debt collectors? Unfortunately, many agencies will pester you hoping you will immediately pay up. If you receive such emails or calls stating you have , you should take some time to verify whether they are directly associated with you and that there are no additional fees.

Solving the Motormile Finance debt recovery issue can be stressful and overwhelming. The company requests you to draft a formal letter describing how you plan to repay the debt and an agreement that you will pick up their calls within 30 days from the initial call.

At DoNotPay, we would like to make it easier for you to get debt help. Our automated platform makes it easier for you to handle debt collections issues with other companies, including:

Who Are Motormile Finance Debt Collectors and Why Are They Calling Me?

collectors are a UK-based agency offering finance solutions to business and private customers and car dealerships. The company collects debts on behalf of Credit Agricole Consumer Finance and FCA Italy S.P.A (a member of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group), an umbrella group for FCA Bank S.P.A.

The Financial Conduct Authority provides that debt collectors such as Motormile Finance must follow a specific code of guidance when contacting customers. The FCA guidelines outline the minimum standards of operation. Companies like Motormile Finance cannot claim excessive or unfair collection charges; they cannot threaten to impound your vehicles or continue to harass you.

Motormile finance debt collectors may be calling you to:

  • Demand payment for the debt
  • Prompt you to validate a debt
  • Notify you that the company has taken over the debt
  • Inform you of outstanding debt
  • Harass you to start making payments

When the company purchases your debt, they will contact you by phone or send you a letter. The initial message outlines their pre-action protocol: the money you owe, penalties, and additional charges they could have included. The agency will also highlight a tight deadline requiring you to repay the dues in total, which is approximately seven days.

Motormile Finance Contact Details

Motormile Finance Ltd UK no longer exists. An investigation by the FCA in 2015 found Motormile Finance guilty of aggressive debt collection attempts and breaches in legislation. They have rebranded themselves and they now go by a new business name, Lantern.

If you'd like to contact Motormile Finance for more information, refer to the following updated details.

Registered Office AddressProtection House 83 Bradford Road, Stanningley, Pudsey, West Yorkshire, LS28 6AT
Online SupportContact Form
Help PageFAQ
Phone Number0113 887 6876
Operating Hours8 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday

9 AM to 2 PM Saturday

Closed on Sunday

What Happens If I Don't Pay My Debt to Motormile Finance?

The company provides a tight deadline of seven days. You will receive a letter that outlines either of the following steps:

  1. A bankruptcy threat (especially when the amount owed is over £750)
  2. A home visit
  3. A county court judgment (CCJ)

These letters are the standard communication protocol. Motormile (Lantern) may take you to the courts as the last resort if you fail to respond to their calls and other communications within the specified timelines. This is also likely to happen if you disagree with a reasonable payment plan.

How to Make Payments to Motormile Finance UK Ltd

If you would like to make a direct payment to Motormile (Lantern) for a debt, you can do so by visiting their website. The company accepts part or sum payments. You can also agree on a payment plan by creating an online account with the agency.

Here are your options:

  1. Set up a regular payment plan
  1. Direct Debit
  2. Debit Card
  3. Standing Order
  1. Make a one-off payment
  2. Make a settlement offer
  1. Automated payment service
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Cheque

Get Debt Help with DoNotPay

Whether Motormile (Lantern) recently contacted you or their agents have been harassing you for months, DoNotPay can help you determine whether the company's complaint aligns with UK debt collection laws. Our representatives will guide you through a set of questions that will inspire your next course of action. We will also contact the debt collection agency and issue them with a demand letter on your behalf.

DoNotPay is an easy, convenient, and successful way to help you get debt help. We have helped other consumers with debt-related concerns for other companies in the UK. If you are willing to get started, all you need is:

  1. Search "debt collection" on DoNotPay.

  2. Respond to a series of questions on the debt collectors, including when, how, and when they contacted you so we can establish whether they violated any laws.

  3. Determine the subsequent course of action depending on the guidance we provide. These may include options such as reporting the company to a professional trade association, demanding that the debt collectors stop calling you, and filing verification requests.

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