Motorcycle Practice Tests That'll Help You Pass

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A Guide to the Motorcycle Practice Test

Obtaining a motorcycle driving license comes with its challenges—you need to pass a written test and a road exam, which can be difficult. Taking a few motorcycle practice tests can help a lot and increase your chances of passing the real exam.

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What Is the DMV Motorcycle Driving Test?

Driver’s license regulations vary depending on the state where you’re taking the exam. One of the universal rules is that you can’t take a road exam before passing a written test.

Written and road tests for the motorcycle are different than those for the car. Riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car, hence the difference in rules.

Reasons To Prepare for the Motorcycle Driving Test

Since the motorcycle test rules are much more strict, good preparation is crucial if you want to pass. Motorcycle driving tests can be pricey, and you’ll save a lot of money if you ace the exam on the first try.

Road safety is another super important aspect to keep in mind. Drivers who respect the rules are less likely to get into an accident. The better you prepare for the exam, the more knowledge of the traffic rules you’ll have.

Preparing for your motorcycle exam will also help you feel more confident and less nervous on the day of the real test.

How To Prepare for the DMV Motorcycle Test

Motorcycle test preparation consists of three different steps:

  1. Studying
  2. Taking practice tests
  3. Attending open-road classes

Read Your State’s Manual

When preparing for a written exam, the first thing you should do is get your state’s official handbook and study the rules. The questions for both practice and real tests are always related to the manual.

Take Practice Tests

The best way to pass a written driving test for motorcycles is to do a few practice tests. You should take as many practice tests as needed before you feel ready to take the real exam.

When you pass the written exam, you’ll get a learner’s permit and start taking actual road classes.

Practice on the Road

In most states, you can’t get a real-life experience of riding a motorcycle until you pass the written exam. When practicing for a road test for cars, the beginner needs to be supervised by a licensed friend or family member from the passenger seat. Motorcycles don’t allow that. A licensed driver can supervise you from a certain distance on another motorcycle.

You can take a motorcycle instruction course if you don’t know anyone who can help you practice. The classes usually cost around $200 to $300. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) teaches a week-long course that you can use. Once you feel confident enough, you can schedule a real driving test appointment.

What Is a DMV Motorcycle Practice Test?

Motorcycle practice tests simulate the real written exam you’ll have to pass to get your learner’s permit. The questions on both practice and real test cover the following topics:

  • Traffic rules
  • Motorcycle techniques
  • Safety practices
  • Motorcycle terminology
  • State laws

The practice tests are the same as the real exam—you might even be lucky enough to have a few of the same questions on the real test. Besides helping you get a feel of the exam, the motorcycle practice tests can help you remember all the rules easily.

How To Take Motorcycle License Practice Tests

If you want to take a motorcycle written practice test, you have a few online platforms to choose from:

You should select the state where you plan to take the test to get the right set of questions.

Even though the above-mentioned platforms will help you prepare for your test, they have a few drawbacks. Most of them aren’t completely free, and some of the crucial features are available to premium users only. Another issue is that these websites aren’t always user-friendly.

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What Practice Tests Can I Take With DoNotPay?

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Learn How To Schedule the Real Motorcycle Driving Test

You can set up your appointment with the local DMV in a few ways:

Ways To Schedule Your Driving Test

How To Do It

In Person

Visit a local DMV office and ask them about the available date and time

OnlineComplete the appointment form on the local DMV’s official website
Over the PhoneFind the number of the local DMV office on their website and give them a call to schedule your driving test

If you’re not tech-savvy but don’t feel like going to the DMV office or wasting hours on the phone, you should try DoNotPay.

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