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Morrrisons Customer Service Solutions

Morrisons is a predominantly food and groceries business that serves over 9 million customers every week across the United Kingdom. The company is committed to helping customers save money on food while enjoying the fresh groceries right at their doorsteps. With the company serving so many customers every day, there's always a surge in the number of people seeking assistance from customer service. Morrisons offers multiple ways that customers can get the help they need without inconveniencing them.

Calling in to speak to a representative is always a good idea, but you may have to wait longer than usual before you can speak to one. Thankfully, DoNotPay has a Customer Service product that can help you call Morrisons customer service, wait on the call on your behalf, and alert you once you are connected to a human representative.

Morrisons Support Number and Email

The quickest way to get help from Morrisons customer service is through the FAQ section on the Help Page. You can simply type in your question and search for answers or select a topic and get more information on it.

If the information in this section is not enough, you can contact customer service in the following ways.

  1. On the phone – Calling customer service is convenient because you'll get help right away, and it will address your issue directly. You can reach Morrisons customer service through 0345 611 6111 or 0345 322 0000.
  2. Email – Write a detailed email that explains your problem and send it to
  3. Twitter – Contact Morrisons customer service on their Twitter page. You'll get a quicker response through this method.
  4. In-Person – If there is a Morrisons store near you, the customer service in there will be glad to help you. You can call 01274 261000 to get information on the store near you.

This table summarizes the different methods you can use to contact Morrisons customer service.

Morrisons Support/FAQ SiteHelp Hub - Morrisons
Morrisons Phone Number 10345 322 0000
Morrisons Phone Number 20345 611 6111
Morrisons FaxNot Available
Morrisons Support

The customer's telesales phone number, 0345 611 6111, allows customers to make an order from a 47-item menu and get it delivered to their doorstep. They can also use the number to cancel orders and pay for deliveries at their doorstep through a mobile chip and pin device.

Morrisons Corporate Address

Whether you are looking to shop at Morrisons Head Office Supermarket or you'd like to have your issue addressed there, you can find the head office at the following address.

Hilmore House,

71 Gain Ln,

Bradford BD3 7DL,

United Kingdom

You may also need the address for legal purposes in the event that you sue the supermarket over an issue that couldn't be resolved amicably.

Reasons People Contact Morrisons Customer Service

As a company that serves 9 million people weekly, the feedback and contact for help can be overwhelming. However, most of the questions asked are similar, so the customer service designed a detailed FAQ section that answers them.

Some of these commonly asked questions include:

  • Why am I seeing 5% added to my total?
  • How do I request a new card?
  • What time will my groceries order arrive?
  • Why is my delivery running late?
  • Why are there items on my receipt that are missing from the bag?
  • How to cancel my delivery pass
  • What should I do if my card is lost/stolen or damaged?
  • How do I receive promotions?

To make it easier to help its customers, Morrisons customer service has grouped these questions so that any customer trying to get information can get help faster. These groups include Corona Virus, Online Shopping, products, Nutmeg, food to order, in-store experience, Morrisons Pick-up, home and garden, and My Morrisons.

How to Contact Morrisons Customer Service With the Help of DoNotPay

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Here is how it works.

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That's it, DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do? 

DoNotPay connects with multiple companies and can help you contact their customer service agents with ease.

Some of the companies DoNotPay can help you reach include:

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