Are Americans Exempt From Needing Morocco Tourist Visas?

Tourist Visa Guide Are Americans Exempt From Needing Morocco Tourist Visas?

Morocco Tourist Visa—Updated Info on Visas and Other Rules for Visitors

Visiting Morocco can be fun thanks to its architecture, history, food, and the Sahara Desert, but exploring visa requirements isn’t as exciting. DoNotPay is here to answer your Morocco tourist visa questions, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for all the relevant info online.

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Do U.S. Passport Holders Need Tourist Visas in Morocco?

Currently, U.S. passport holders do not need Moroccan tourist visas to stay in the country for up to 90 days. There are still certain requirements that all American tourists have to fulfill to enter Morocco.

If you wish to visit this beautiful country, you must:

  • Have a U.S. passport that remains valid for at least six months at the time of entering the country and has at least two empty pages
  • Declare large amounts of money upon entry, if applicable
  • Not export any Moroccan currency out of the country

What if You Want To Stay in Morocco Longer Than 90 Days?

Morocco is gorgeous, and some tourists don’t think that three months are enough to take in all of its glory. It’s possible to stay in Morocco longer than that if you obtain a residence permit (Certificat d’Immatriculation). To get one, you will need to submit your application to one of the following establishments, depending on where you’re residing:

  1. Bureau des Étrangers of the Prefecture de Police
  2. Commissariat Central
  3. Gendarmerie

The first two operate in major cities, while the third one is open for applications in villages and other remote areas of Morocco.

The Most Recent COVID-19 Restrictions for Tourists in Morocco

Americans are allowed to enter Morocco through commercial airline travel if they abide by the following COVID-19 rules:

  • Everyone needs to present a negative PCR test administered up to 72 hours before entering Morocco or proof of vaccination against COVID-19
  • Health screening procedures are mandatory at all airports
  • Quarantine is not necessary if you’re traveling from the U.S.
  • Nationwide curfew is in place between 11 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. for people who are not vaccinated
  • Face masks have to be worn in closed public spaces and transportation

The fines for not respecting any of the mentioned rules are approximately $100, and they require a court appearance.

The Top Five Must-See Destinations for First-Time Visitors of Morocco

The following table contains some of the hottest destinations every tourist in Morocco should visit:

PlaceBrief Description
MarrakeshThe cultural, historic, and lively city of Marrakesh offers something for everyone—artisan jewelry, fantastic street food, and fascinating tourist attractions
Dades ValleyIf you’re looking for the best scenery in Morocco, this valley is the place to visit. It’s located between the High Atlas mountains and the Jebel Saghro, and it’s the home of many traditional forts and villages
RabatYou can’t say you’ve visited Morocco without seeing its breathtaking capital split into the new and the old sections. The first one is for shopping and relaxing, while the second one is for those looking to explore and experience the culture
AsilahIf your primary goal for visiting Morocco is vacation, this Mediterranean-looking tourist hub might be a perfect choice because you can enjoy both the beaches and the rich history of the town

This medieval city used to be the capital of Morocco, and its old town is protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for its architectural importance. Explorers and history enthusiasts will rejoice while unraveling its mysteries

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Everyone on a tour of Northern Africa needs to visit Morocco, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only stop when going on this magnificent journey. Africa has plenty of gems, but each country has different visa policies for U.S. citizens.

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South AfricaNigeriaKenya

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