How To Make a Montana Rental Agreement

Reducing Property Taxes How To Make a Montana Rental Agreement

Montana Rental Agreement—From A to Z

When creating a rental agreement, it is important to follow the rules specific to the state the property is located in. If you’d like to learn more about the Montana rental agreement, you can turn to DoNotPay for information. 

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Montana Rental Agreement—Info To Bear in Mind

A Montana rental agreement is a legally binding contract between a tenant and a landlord. During a specific time the parties agree on, the landlord will rent their property to the tenant. According to Montana law, a rental agreement needs to be in writing.

The Montana Residential Landlord and Tenant Act governs the rights and responsibilities of the tenant under the rental agreement. 

You should make a distinction between a lease agreement and a rental agreement, also known as a month-to-month agreement. This is the difference between the two:

  • A lease agreement is a contract in which a landlord agrees to rent property to a tenant, usually for a year
  • A rental agreement is normally open-ended, and the tenant pays the rent on a monthly basis

A great part of the month-to-month agreement is that both the landlord and the tenant have the right to change the terms of the contract as they wish each month. A landlord can decide to raise the rent, which could be a downside of this type of agreement for the tenant. Still, if not satisfied, the tenant can leave the agreement without much fuss.

Responsibilities of a Tenant and a Landlord in Montana

The Montana Residential Landlord and Tenant Act clearly states the obligations of both parties. Take a look at the table below to see more details:

  • Taking care of the property in accordance with the state housing codes
  • Maintaining electrical, heating, and plumbing
  • Keeping the halls, stairways, and lobbies clean and safe
  • Stepping in whenever there is a need to make repairs and ensure the tenant’s safety
  • Informing the tenant of their name and address (or their agent’s if they have one)
  • Making sure the property has smoke detectors when the tenant moves in
  • Paying the rent and utilities as agreed on
  • Making sure the space they are residing in is clean and sanitary
  • Disposing of garbage and waste regularly and properly
  • Using electrical, plumbing, and heating systems the correct way
  • Maintaining smoke detectors and replacing their batteries regularly

What Every Montana Rental Agreement Should Include

When making a Montana rental agreement, you need to know what info to include. The most important parts are:

  • Personal info of the tenant and the landlord
  • The length of the agreement
  • Security deposit
  • Rent info
  • Payment form
  • Utility payment
  • Pet policy
  • Parking details
  • Termination clause
  • Signatures of both parties

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