How to File a Formal Complaint Against Modern Piano Moving

Report Moving Issues How to File a Formal Complaint Against Modern Piano Moving

How to File a Complaint Against Modern Piano Moving and Get Refunded

On average, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives up to 13,000 complaints and reviews concerning moving companies annually. These complaints range from damaged items to fraud, to misplaced stuff. If you lack renters insurance, this stuff might go unreplaced.

Pianos provide beautiful music, improve your home's aesthetics and act as an educational tool for your family members. If you plan to move your piano or have recently moved it and didn't have a pleasant experience, you should know how to handle Modern Piano Moving complaints.

While you have an array of agencies to seek assistance, such as FMCSA, the process isn't as hunky-dory. Fortunately, DoNotPay has a faster, more convenient, automated, and less frustrating way.

When Should I File a Complaint Against Modern Piano Moving?

If the moving company violates a legally binding agreement, don't dally. If you receive unsatisfactory services from Modern Piano Moving, you ever right to lodge a complaint. Some genuine reasons warranting a formal complaint include:

  • Late pickup or delivery
  • Damage to your property due to poor or careless handling by the movers
  • Illegal possession or detention of your property to force you to pay more than the agreed fee
  • Obtaining compensation on fraudulent means, such as hiking the costs or altering the specifics of the contract
  • Creating, modifying, copying, publishing, or negotiating a fraudulent bill of lading
  • Surprise charges on the final invoice that the mover didn't include in the contract

As a paying customer with a legally binding agreement, you shouldn't be on the receiving end of an unscrupulous or dishonest moving company.

What to Do Before Filing an Official Complaint

Like any other important activity, lodging an official complaint requires adequate preparation. Dealing with Modern Piano Moving complaints is no easy feat. So, if you wish to do it right, ensure you follow the following steps:

  1. Go through every nook and cranny of the contract to identify the areas the moving company violated
  2. Gather all supporting documents, such as bills of lading, receipts, and contracts, and consolidate any evidence such as photos, videos, and inventory before and after moving.
  3. File a complaint in writing with the movers and attach all supporting documentation. They might resolve the matter at this stage.
  4. Be calm and collected for effective communication and stick to the facts.
  5. Maintain clear documentation of all proceedings and, if possible, communicate via email.
  6. Depending on the movers' response, you can either settle the issue amicably or move it to the other agencies to handle.

Does Modern Piano Moving Have a History of Customer Complaints?

"Summary of my experience:

- Their customer service is very poor.

- They don't deliver on their promises.

- They don't take responsibility for their mistakes."

Alice D on SiteJabber

"…Modern Piano Movers is a joke of a company with a non-engaged CEO. In the event they fail to immediately remedy the situation as a result of this formal complaint, a lawsuit is in order against the firm and all company personnel I've "touched" at the firm."

A reviewer on BBB

"…We'll see if I end up finding a cheaper quote, but even if not, I will at least be working with a different company that is straightforward on their pricing and sales"

Jen L. on Yelp

These few are among the numerous customers' complaints. They range from damaged pianos, poor communication with the dispatch department, and refusing to take responsibility for their negligence in handling customer items.

How to Handle Disputes With Modern Piano Moving

When you discover a moving company has violated your rights and broken the terms of your agreement, you have the right to know what happened during the move and how the company plans to resolve the issue.

Considering the economic and sentimental value of the piano, you should first go for dispute resolution before escalating Modern Piano Moving complaints up the ladder.

To file a written claim, reach the movers through:

  • Online

From your web browser, visit modern piano moving's website. Fill in all your details as required and submit the online contact form.

Alternatively, visit the mover's Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter pages to raise your concerns. A representative will tell you the official process to follow.

  • Phone Call

Reach them at 888-375-8018, 314-568-6887, or fax at 573-860-6887.

  • In-Person Visit

Head to 992 Highway D Sullivan, MO 63080, the movers' head office.

You can also visit the mover's offices in cities throughout the 48 states and Canada.

Regardless of the media you choose, maintain documentation of all correspondence. If you are lucky, the movers will also choose to settle the issues at this stage.

File an Official Complaint Against Modern Piano Moving

If you aren't satisfied with the response from the movers in the above step, you can escalate modern piano moving complaints.

The man bodies to report the issue include

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)The FMCSA regulates and oversees the trucking industry, including movers and complaints on interstate movement. File your complaint through

State AgenciesIf you move within the same state, file a complaint in the state agencies in your state. You can find your state agency by visiting FMCSA's website.

The reporting procedure varies by location. For instance, if you are in Kansas, contact Kansas Corporation Commission, Transportation Division at 785-271-3151, email, or in-person visit at 1500 SW Arrowhead Rd. For Hawaii, contact Public Utility Commission at 808-586-2020.

American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)AMSA, a national trade association for movers, arbitrate in such matters by contacting the broker and asking for a written explanation of what happened. File your complaint with the body and follow up on the issue via email.
Local Law EnforcementIf the movers aren't willing to solve the matter amicably, your area police or sheriff departments are your first line of official complaints.
Better Business Bureau (BBB)File your complaint through BBB's moving company complaint portal or from any of their offices countrywide.

The bureau will contact the movers within 48 hours after filing the complaint giving them 14 days to respond to the formal complaint against them. A BBB representative will update you on the issue.

Review and Recommendation PlatformsNo mover wants potential customers to read negative unresolved issues on reviews and rating sites Yelp, SiteJabber, and My Moving Reviews. Utilize the sites' strong dispute resolution power to your advantage.
Small Claims CourtIf the above steps fail, DoNotPay will help you sue the broker in small claims court. Our process is super easy and convenient for you. Download the app now and use the world's first robot lawyer to fight against bureaucracy and get the justice you deserve.

Deal With Modern Piano Moving With the Help of DoNotPay

Considering the importance of a piano to you, your home, and your household, you deserve to be heard. If your piano gets damaged or lost when moving, you need to handle Modern Piano Moving complaints effectively.

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