Is Relying on a Modeling Contract Template the Best Choice?

Standardized Legal Documents Is Relying on a Modeling Contract Template the Best Choice?

Should You Get a Modeling Contract Template?

If you’re an aspiring model, you might find yourself in need of a modeling contract. Creating this document can be overwhelming, but there’s a solution for that. One of the options is to find a modeling contract template online and save yourself some time and a potential headache.

Our simple-to-follow article will provide you with all the necessary information regarding modeling contracts and help you get various other legal documents in no time!

What Is a Modeling Contract?

A modeling contract is a document with which a model establishes a working relationship with an agency. It contains the rules, regulations, and guidelines regarding the duties and obligations that both parties have towards each other. There are four common types of modeling contracts that you could encounter:

  1. Mother agency contracts
  2. Non-exclusive contracts
  3. Exclusive contracts
  4. One-time-only contracts

Mother Agency Contracts

A mother agency is the first employer that you’ll have a contract with. The agency will teach you all about the industry, help you build your portfolio, and assist you in becoming a successful model. This type of contract allows the mother agency to continue receiving commission even after you are signed by another agency.

Non-Exclusive Contracts

Non-exclusive contracts are usually signed by commercial models and allow them to work with multiple agencies simultaneously. With this document, you don’t receive as much hands-on guidance. The main benefit of a non-exclusive contract is that you won’t owe the agency any money if you find work on your own.

Exclusive Contracts

Signing an exclusive contract with a modeling agency means that you can only be represented by that agency for the duration of the contract. Exclusive contracts are common among fashion and editorial models, and they give the agencies a lot of power.

One-Time-Only Contracts

One-time-only contracts are used when applying for just one job. They outline how much you’ll be paid, how your photos will be used, and whether you’re restricted from working with other companies.

What Sections Should a Modeling Contract Contain?

Except for the basics—such as your and the agency’s name and address—a modeling contract may contain the following elements:

Elements Details
The type of the contactSpecifies whether it’s a mother agency, non-exclusive, exclusive, or one-time-only contract
Relationship of the model and agencyStates the agency can’t guarantee models work but that they can guide them and provide them with opportunities
CompensationDiscloses both parties’ compensation for the job
BehaviorEstablishes rules that a model must follow so that he or she doesn’t harm the agency’s reputation
The length of the contractSpells out the length of the contract and details on contract renewals and termination procedures

What To Bear in Mind When Searching for a Modeling Contract Template

Besides reducing the time needed to draft contracts, templates are also easy to use. If you want to download a modeling contract template from the web, you must keep in mind two things:

  1. Not all of them will include the info you need
  2. They only contain general terms

To find an adequate modeling contract template, you will have to:

  • Be patient—Think about whether the modeling contract template you find meets your needs
  • Pick a contract template from a professional website—Avoid amateurish looking websites, as they’re often full of grammatical errors and lack elements that are key to the contract
  • Check for any hidden costs—Watch out for hidden charges that a vast number of websites offering free templates have

In case you find a modeling contract template that works best for your situation, you should:

  • Check if it includes all of the sections listed in the table above
  • Consider hiring a lawyer so you’re 100% sure of what you’re signing

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