How To Write a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents How To Write a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement

Manufactured Bliss With a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement With DoNotPay’s Help

A mobile home is an easy way to get your foot on the property ladder without the expense of a mortgage and is increasingly popular among younger first-time buyers.

The most important step in purchasing your new home is the agreement that seals the deal.

DoNotPay helps you understand what you need to do to secure your piece of the mobile home dream with a safe mobile home purchase agreement.

What Needs To Be in a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement?

If all your checks have satisfied you that you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can prepare a mobile home purchase agreement.

We understand that many people feel insecure about legal documents and do not know how to write a contract. Here are our tips for what needs to be included in your mobile home purchase agreement:

  1. Personal details
  2. Description of the mobile home
  3. Buyer acceptance of property condition
  4. Delivery method
  5. Risk of loss
  6. Delivery date and approximate time
  7. Buyer inspection after delivery
  8. Warranty of title
  9. Financing
  10. Governing law

Personal Details

This is an agreement, so both you and the seller should include all your personal and contact details.

Description of Mobile Home

Your description should be as comprehensive as possible, including:

  • Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Serial number
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Dimensions
  • License number
  • Color
  • Purchase price

Buyer Acceptance of Property Condition

You should state that you have inspected the mobile home and that you are satisfied with the condition of the dwelling in all regards. This indemnifies the seller against any future claims.

Before you sign the agreement as the buyer, you should have carried out a thorough inspection of the mobile home, including a(n):

  • Physical walk-through
  • Inspection of the license, serial number, and registration paperwork
  • Check of the water, sewerage, and electricity connections

Delivery Method

If a new mobile home is being delivered to a plot, you can stipulate the delivery method while the seller agrees to reimburse reasonable delivery costs. 

Risk of Loss

If the mobile home is to be delivered, the seller accepts all risk until the mobile home has been delivered.

Delivery Date and Approximate Time

Delivery details can be agreed on in this clause. You can also stipulate reasonable leeway in the exact delivery time, depending on how far the mobile home has to travel.

Buyer Inspection After Delivery

You are entitled to perform a walk-through inspection of the mobile home after delivery to ensure no damage has occurred during transit.

Warranty of Title

The seller guarantees that they are the legal owner of the mobile home and that no liens exist.


If you depend on a loan to finance the purchase of your mobile home, you can include details of the:

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Term of the loan (how long until it is paid off)
  • Whether or not finance has already been secured

In many cases, you are allowed to pull out of the deal if you are unable to secure the necessary finance. If you have not secured finance yet, you should make it clear that the purchase is subject to your getting a loan.

Governing Law

The agreement should determine the state law under which it is made. This will usually be the state in which the mobile home is to be placed.

Both parties should sign the agreement and have it notarized to make it legally binding.

Optional Clauses in Your Mobile Home Purchase Agreement

If your mobile home is already subject to a lease agreement on a plot, you may want to include details of the lease in your purchase agreement. The most important details to include are:

Lease Terms


Agreement by the plot ownerThe plot owner needs to give written consent for you to purchase the mobile home and take over the plot lease. In most cases, this is a formality
Acceptance of the terms of the plot leaseThe agreement should confirm that you—as the buyer—accept the terms of the plot lease
Acceptance of the regulations of the parkYou should include a clause stating that you accept the rules and regulations of the park in which your mobile home is standing and that you have received a copy of those rules and regulations

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