Learn About the Missouri Property Tax Exemptions

Reducing Property Taxes Learn About the Missouri Property Tax Exemptions

What Kind of Missouri Property Tax Exemptions Can You Apply For?

Since the level of property taxes in Missouri is the third-highest in the whole country, it’s no wonder you want to learn about the Missouri property tax exemptions.

While Missouri isn’t a state with a low property tax rate, it does offer a useful tax exemption program that citizens can apply for. The issue is that learning about the exemptions you are eligible for takes a lot of time and research.

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Property Taxes in Missouri—The Basics

Most people accept that they need to pay property taxes to their government without examining the whats and the whys. This is why the majority of citizens don’t know that they can lower their taxes if they try.

When you understand how property taxes work and why you need to pay them, you can find ways to apply for tax relief programs or learn tricks to use during the evaluation of your property so that your taxes aren’t as high as they would normally be.

When a tax assessor comes to your home, they calculate its market value. They take the following into consideration:

  • Property’s size and value
  • Your location
  • Square footage
  • Property usage
  • Construction type

The market value of your property is then multiplied by the tax rate of your county or state to determine the amount on your tax bill. If you are granted any tax exemptions, the amount is included in the calculation to lower your tax bills. 

What Is Property Tax Money Used For?

The Missouri Department of Revenue collects property taxes from all citizens who own some kind of property, whether a house or an apartment. Property taxes are the primary source of revenue for the state to fund its:

  • Educational system
  • Construction works
  • Road maintenance
  • Green areas
  • Law enforcement

Missouri Homestead Property Tax Exemption—What Exemptions Does Missouri Offer?

If you’ve already looked into the types of tax reliefs, you will be familiar with these exemption programs:

  1. Homestead exemption
  2. Senior citizen property tax exemption
  3. Disabled citizens tax exemption
  4. Military veterans exemption

You may be surprised to learn that Missouri doesn’t offer tax relief programs that align with these popular types.

The Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim—the MO-PTC for short—is a single program that the state offers to certain citizens who wish to lower their tax bills.

The credit is a type of refund you get for the property taxes you pay. Here’s the maximum amount you can get in credit if you apply:


The specific credit you get is determined based on the amount you pay in taxes—both for renters and owners—and your household income (both taxable and nontaxable).

Tenants who rent from someone who does not pay property taxes in the first place are not eligible for the MO-PTC.

You can apply for the exemption online or in person. Here’s the contact information you need:

MO-PTC Contact Information
Email addressPropertyTaxCredit@dor.mo.gov
Phone number(800) 877-6881

You can order an application form by calling the number in the table above or download it from the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

Can You Get a MO State Personal Property Tax Refund for Senior Citizens?

Senior and disabled citizens have the upper hand when it comes to getting a refund through the Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim, but age is not the only criterion.

Here is the income threshold for citizens who wish to apply for the MO-PTC:

CitizenMaximum Total Household Income
Single renter or part-year owner$27,500
Married renter or part-year owner$29,500
Single owners$30,000
Married owners$34,000

Other eligibility criteria for Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim include being:

  • An owner who pays real estate taxes
  • A tenant who pays rent on the home they occupy and whose landlords pay property taxes
  • A 100% disabled veteran whose disability is service-related

If you are applying for the MO-PTC based on the senior, veteran, or disability status you or your spouse have, you need to know which boxes to check in the form. Take a look at the table below for concrete information:

The Box You Should Check

You or Your Spouse Is 

Box A
  • 65 or older as of December 31 of the preceding year
  • A resident of Missouri for the entire year
Box B

A veteran with a 100% service-related disability

Box C

100% disabled

Box D
  • 60 or older as of December 31 of the preceding year
  • A claimant who is receiving surviving spouse social security benefits 

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