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Standardized Legal Documents Get a Missouri Notary Service With Zero Effort

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Before you book a notary, you should understand what a Missouri notary can do for you, how much they charge, and which type of notary is the best one for you. We’ll break everything down, and DoNotPay will help you arrange your notary service appointment so that you get your document notarized in a jiffy.

Which Notarial Acts Can a MO Notary Perform?

A notary public in Missouri can do the following notary acts:

  1. Perform a jurat
  2. Take acknowledgments
  3. Administer oaths and affirmations
  4. Certify document copies
  5. Witness signatures
  6. Perform any other act permitted by law

Missouri notaries can notarize documents anywhere in the state.

How Much Does a Missouri Notary Public Charge To Notarize a Document?

The State of Missouri sets the maximum notary costs. They vary depending on the type of the notarial act:

Notary ServiceNotary Fee
Jurat$5 per signature
Acknowledgment$5 per signature
Oath or affirmation$5
Signature witnessing$5 per signature
Certified copies$1.00 per certified page certified with a minimum total fee of $3.00
Online notarization$25

Notarization of a signature on any absentee ballot or absentee voter registration

No charge

Notaries may charge additional fees for their travel expenses only if they inform the signer in advance and they agree to it. A notary should display their fees in their place of work or inform potential clients of them before they notarize any documents.

Notary fees are non-refundable if:

  • The notary notarized a document
  • The notary collected the travel fees and came to the signer but couldn’t notarize the document because it would be unlawful

Can a Notary Public in Missouri Perform Online Notarization?

In 2020, Missouri passed a bill that allows remote online notarization. Notaries who would like to become online notaries need to apply to register and be commissioned as a remote online notary public. Notarial acts that are permitted are jurats and acknowledgments.

The notary must notify the Missouri Secretary of State that they will perform remote notarization. The Secretary of State also needs to approve the communicating technology that will be used. During online notarization, the notary needs to be in the State of Missouri, while the signer doesn’t have to be.

Online notarization will be recorded, and the notary also has to keep a record in their electronic journal. Instead of a regular notary signature and seal, online notaries use an electronic notarial certificate with a registered electronic signature and seal.

Notary Types in Missouri

Besides notaries who perform in-person notarization and online notaries, there are other types, including:

Types of Notaries

Brief Description

Mobile notariesMobile notaries can travel to their clients and notarize documents in person at an agreed-upon location. They can charge additional fees for their expenses
Electronic notariesElectronic notaries notarize electronic documents. Although the document is in digital form, both the notary and the signer need to meet in person
Notary signing agentsNotary signing agents can handle loans and notarize loan documents

Why Should I Opt for Online Notarization?

Notarizing documents online is convenient and comes with even more benefits, such as:

  • Getting an encrypted digital signing certificate—this makes it harder for someone to commit fraud or alter the document afterward
  • Not paying fuel and travel costs
  • Scheduling an appointment more easily—you don’t have to take time off work to go to a notary or waste time in traffic
  • Knowing the notarization is recorded—any coercion or suspicious activities can be identified and proven easily

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