How to Obtain a Lien Release in Missouri

Remove My Lien How to Obtain a Lien Release in Missouri

The Ins and Outs of Missouri Lien Release

Missouri law requires the lienholder to  on a separate document within 5 business days after the lien is satisfied on a motor vehicle, trailer, constructed home, vessel, or outboard motor. The notarization of the release document is required. If there are any perfected second lienholders, they must release their lien in the same manner.

Are you having trouble making your home or car loan payments? Have you been accused by a house contractor or an ex-spouse of not paying a home repair or child support bill? Are you being accused of not paying your taxes by the IRS? For these and other reasons, banks and courts can lay liens on your property, and if you don't fight back, the bank, court, or other claimants can seize and sell your property as security for a claim against you.

DoNotPay can help you avoid having your property confiscated by leveraging both the law and the interests of the person claiming a lien against you!

What Is a Lien Release Form?

A lien release is a document recorded in the public land records as official notice that the lien has been lifted. When a contractor receives payment, they are responsible for removing any liens that have been filed against the property.

Failure to do so gives the property owner the right to sue the contractor to have the lien removed.

It's important to distinguish between a lien release and a lien waiver:

  1. A waiver prevents a contractor or supplier from creating a lien on the property,
  2. A release removes an existing claim.

It's critical to remember that liens are governed by state law, which differs from one state to the next. Lien waivers are illegal in some states.

State law may additionally specify what information must be included in a release and advise or require release forms. To the degree permissible by state law, the contract's provisions may also affect how and when liens are filed and lifted.

Liens in Missouri

Numerous liens can be placed on someone who owes a debt in Missouri by an individual or a business. The more you know about liens and the types that have been put on you, the easier it will be to get rid of them. Some of the most common  are:

Bank LienWhen you obtain a loan from a bank to purchase an asset, a lien is frequently given. If the borrower cannot repay the loan, the bank may foreclose on the property, confiscate the vehicle, and sell it to satisfy the debt.
Mechanic's LienIf a property owner cannot pay a contractor for services, a mechanic's lien can be placed on the property. If the debtor cannot pay, the contractor may take the non-paying party to court and get a judgment against them.
Tax LiensThere are also various statutory liens created by legislation rather than through contracts. In the sphere of taxation, where rules frequently allow tax officials to place liens on the property of delinquent taxpayers, these liens are fairly widespread.
Real Estate LienIf a contract is not performed, a real estate lien gives the owner the legal right to seize and sell the property. Some real estate liens are created automatically, such as in the case of a mortgage lien.

On the other hand, some real estate liens are involuntary and nonconsensual since they result from non-payment to a creditor or financial institution.

How to Remove a Lien From Your Record in Missouri

There are a few things you may do to :

  1. Pay it off right away. Work out a payment arrangement with the lienholder or pay in full as soon as possible.
  2. Make a payment arrangement with the Missouri Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service.
  3. Fill out and have the lien holder sign a Release-of-Lien form.
  4. Allow the lien to expire due to the statute of limitations. Missouri's statute of limitations for collecting debt, including liens, is ten years.

Remove a Lien With DoNotPay

DoNotPay can gather relevant information about your lien situation. We'll submit a letter to the creditor who placed a lien on your property, demanding that your debt conditions be renegotiated based on your needs.

Furthermore, if you renegotiate your obligation, we may prepare a Release of Lien form and submit it to your creditor for signature, allowing you to have the lien removed from your record and out of mind. You'll be able to get rid of your lien and protect your home this way.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can help you move past many kinds of lien-related issues

DoNotPay Can Do More Than Fix Lien Problems

Helping you write a letter demanding lien removal is one of many things DoNotPay can help you solve. Here are other services which DoNotPay also offers;

DoNotPay can gather relevant information about your lien situation and submit a letter to the creditor who placed a lien on your property, demanding that your debt conditions be renegotiated based on your needs. Join DoNotPay today.

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