What Info Can You Get From the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry?

Sex Offender Search What Info Can You Get From the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry?

Learn To Search the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry and Be Aware of Possible Threats

If you want to stay safe from sex offenders, you must check your state’s sex offender registry regularly to keep track of their whereabouts. The Mississippi Sex Offender Registry is the most reliable source of information if you want to stay up to date. Searching the database manually is a time-consuming task, though, which is why many people fail to inform themselves about possible abusers lurking in their neighborhoods.

Having up-to-date information is crucial in your efforts to keep your loved ones protected, and that’s exactly what we bring to the table. Once you sign up for DoNotPay’s automated sex offender search, you will be able to stay alert at all times.

How Are Mississippi Sex Offenders Categorized?

Under the Mississippi sex offender law, registered sex offenders are classified into three tiers.

Tier I

If the convict committed any of these crimes, he or she will be found in the first tier of offense:

  • Spreading obscene material of and to children
  • Conspiring to commit, being an accessory to the crime, or attempting to commit any of the tier’s crimes
  • Exercising voyeurism if the victim is under 16
  • Committing sexual misconduct between a teacher and a pupil
  • Committing any offense that led to a conviction in any state
  • Having electronic communication that includes using vulgar language or sharing pornographic materials

Tier II

Upon committing any of these crimes, the offender will be registered in the second tier of offense:

  • Exploitation of children and minors
  • Any kind of unnatural intercourse, including incest
  • Accessory to committing or attempting to commit any of the crimes listed in the tier
  • Unauthorized filming of a person
  • Sexual intercourse between people in positions of trust or authority, such as healthcare employees and patients or law enforcement or correctional personnel and inmates
  • Breaking a similar law in another state
  • Any conviction of a tier I offense if it’s the offender’s second or subsequent conviction or a registrable sex offense

Tier III

Tier III consists of offenders who committed any of these crimes:

  • Rape and assault with intent to do harm
  • Sexual battery
  • Child abuse
  • Luring children into concealment, marriage, or prostitution
  • Sexual intercourse with a stepchild, adopted child, or a child of a cohabiting partner
  • Kidnapping of minors
  • Minor slavery
  • Any conviction of a conspiracy to commit, accessory to commission, or attempt to commit any of the offenses listed in this tier
  • Aiding, abetting, or conspiring to commit sex trafficking
  • Touching of defenseless people (children or mentally defective or physically helpless individuals) encouraged by lustful motives
  • Sexual abuse of a vulnerable person by a health care professional or people in a position of trust or authority
  • Negligence of a child that was sexually abused or victim of a felonious abuse
  • Murder caused by any of the crimes in the tier
  • Any conviction of a tier II offense if it is the offender’s second or subsequent conviction

Mississippi Sex Offender Laws and Regulations

According to sexual offender registration laws in Mississippi, sex offenders face certain restrictions and have a set of obligations. We will answer some of the most common questions regarding what sex offenders are not allowed to do and what their rights and responsibilities are below.

Who Is Required To Register as a Mississippi Sex Offender?

People that have been:

  • Convicted of a sex offense or attempted sex offense
  • Acquitted by reason of insanity for a sex offense or attempted sex offense
  • Adjudicated delinquent for any sex offense or attempted sex offense

These groups also have to register:

  • Juveniles convicted as adults and juveniles adjudicated delinquent in court for offenses such as rape, sexual battery or conspiracy, or accessory or attempt to commit any of these offenses
  • Residents who lodge, abide, or reside in Mississippi temporarily, during a period of seven or more consecutive days
  • Nonresidents that work in Mississippi, students, and volunteers
  • Military personnel on assignment

What Information Must Sex Offenders in Mississippi Provide?

Upon registering, offenders must disclose the following information:

  • Name, as well as the former name if they had it legally changed
  • All aliases used
  • Social Security number
  • Birthdate
  • Age, sex, race, height, weight, hair and eye color, and all other identifying factors
  • Photograph
  • Street address of all current and temporary residence within or outside Mississippi
  • Date, place, and address of employment
  • Date and place of conviction, adjudication, or acquittal by reason of insanity
  • Short description of the offense(s) they committed
  • Driver’s license or state identification card number
  • Vehicle identification number, license tag number, registration number, and vehicle description if the sex offender lives in a motor vehicle, trailer, or mobile or manufactured home
  • The hull identification number, manufacturer’s serial number, registration number and description, and the name if the registrant resides in a vessel or houseboat
  • Offense history
  • Fingerprints and palm prints
  • Medical records if the person was treated for mental abnormality or personality disorder
  • Biological sample
  • Copy of the conviction or sentencing order for the sex offense(s)
  • Parole, probation, or supervised release status
  • Arrest warrants
  • Every online identity, screen name, or username registered or created by the offender

What Is the Registration Deadline?

Sex offenders that are:

  • Convicted, adjudicated delinquent, or acquitted by reason of insanity must register in three business days from the day of judgment unless they’re immediately confined
  • Released from prison or placed on parole or supervised release must register before they’re released and personally appear at a driver’s license station in three days from the release
  • Placed on probation must register with the court at the time the order is entered and personally appear at the driver’s license station in no more than three days of the order entry
  • Not incarcerated, detained, or committed at the time of the duty to register must register with the sheriff of the county where they’re located in less than three business days and personally appear at a driver’s license station
  • Moving to or returning to Mississippi must notify MDPS ten days prior to moving or returning, and they have to register with the sheriff of the country within three business days and appear at a driver’s license station in less than ten days

Do Sex Offenders in MS Have To Notify the State About Possible Changes?

Yes. Offenders are required to report:

  • Address changes by personally appearing at a driver’s license station no less than ten days before changing the address
  • Changes in status of enrollment, employment, or vocation at any education institution by personally appearing at a driver’s license station in less than three business days of the change
  • Name change by personally appearing at a driver’s license station within three days of the change

People convicted of sex offenses that:

  • Volunteer for an organization in which they have direct or unsupervised contact with minors must notify the organization in writing of their conviction prior to volunteering
  • Are employed in any position with a person they provide personal services to where they will be in close regular contact with children must notify their employer of their sex offender status in writing

How Long Do Registered Sex Offenders in Mississippi Have To Register For?

It mostly depends on the tier they belong to:

  • Tier I requires registration for a minimum of 15 years
  • Tier II required registration for a minimum of 25 years
  • Tier III requires lifetime registration

All registrants have to appear personally at any driver’s license station in the State to re-register every 90 days. They must be photographed and verify their home addresses and telephone numbers, names, and addresses and phone numbers of their workplaces.

What Happens if a Mississippi Registered Sex Offender Fails To Complete the Duty To Register?

The failure to re-register is punishable by:

  • A fine of up to $5,000
  • Imprisonment in the state penitentiary for a maximum of five years
  • Both fine and imprisonment
  • Driver privilege suspension

Are There Any Travel Restrictions for Sex Offenders in Mississippi?

If you’re wondering whether sex offenders travel to other states, the answer is yes, but only if they notify the State. Failure to do so is considered a crime.

Can a Person That’s on the MS Sex Offender List Live Near Schools and Daycare Facilities?

No. Sex offenders in Mississippi are prohibited from residing within 3,000 feet of:

  • Elementary or secondary schools
  • Childcare facilities
  • Residential child-caring agencies
  • Children’s group care homes
  • Playgrounds, ballparks, or other recreational facilities for people under 18

How To Search the Mississippi Sex Offender List

Although many of the crimes are never reported, and a lot of sex offenders remain unregistered, there are more than 9,000 entries in the Mississippi Sex Offenders Registry. Most of the cases are registered in the following counties:

  • Hinds
  • Harrison
  • Rankin
  • Jackson
  • Lauderdale

Thanks to Megan’s Law, the State of Mississippi is required to make the information in the Sex Offender Registry available to the public. You can access the database yourself, but you have to accept a disclaimer agreement before you proceed with the search. The agreement explains that the Registry:

  • Has informational value
  • Is updated regularly but may not reflect accurate information
  • Shouldn’t be used to commit a crime against any offender
  • Forbids selling sex offender information

Once you accept the agreement, you can use one of the two search methods to scrape the database.

  1. Name search—Enter the last and/or first name in the dedicated fields to search for sex offenders by name
  2. Map search—Enter the offender’s street, city, state, and ZIP code and set a one, two, or three-mile radius from the street you provided or within a specific ZIP code or county

You can opt to receive email notifications when a sex offender registers a home, workplace, or school address near the one that you specified. The Community Notification system is not perfect, and there’s no guarantee that you will receive timely notice of perpetrators moving to your neighborhood unless you sign up for DoNotPay.

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You can search the MS Sex Offender Registry on your own, but after a while, you may forget to check for updates. Believing that a sex offender won’t move to your neighborhood is wishful thinking that you can’t afford if you care for the safety of your family.

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