How to Get Medical Records from a Mission Hospital

Request Medical Records How to Get Medical Records from a Mission Hospital

How to Get Medical Records from a Mission Hospital

 practice high professionalism when handling their patient's medical health records. States like California have a Health Information Management (HIM) Release of Information center where all mission hospitals submit their medical records after the state's specified period of holding the records at the hospital.

To get your medical records from any mission hospital, you'll need to submit your request to the specific hospital, attached with a filled and signed authorization form. If the hospital records are kept in a centralized location, you may have to send your request to the center with your complete information.

It may be frustrating to request your medical records, especially if you don't know who to contact or where to send your request. However, DoNotPay can help you send in your request to access your medical records from any mission hospital through its robust .

Why Might You Need Copies of Your Medical Records?

The federal and state governments have regulations like the HIPAA that clearly state that you have a right to access your medical information. This is because you may need your medical records for the following reasons.

  1. To transfer your medical records to your new doctor if your old one is retiring.
  2. To transfer the records to a new doctor if you change facilities.
  3. To be aware of your health and avoid duplicate procedures
  4. To update your health condition to your family, attorney, or anyone else who matters to you in case you need help.
  5. Have your electronic medical records at your fingertips for when it's needed urgently.

How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Medical Records from a Mission Hospital?

Different states have different ways of charging for medical records. These charges are outlined in the state laws for medical records and are applied to all hospitals within the state.

For example, the state government of Tennessee charges $18.00 for the five pages of the medical record documentation, $0.85 per page from pages 6 – 50, $0.60 per page from pages 51-250, and a standard rate of $0.35 per page for all the pages beyond page 250.

Other than that, if you require radiography or imaging records in CDs, you may need to pay an additional amount for burning the CDs. Again, this amount may vary depending on how many recordings you'll request from the hospital.

What Types of Medical Records are Restricted from Being Released?

While it's your right to get access to your medical records, the hospital may hold back some of the information as a hospital policy or as dictated by the law. Most commonly withheld medical records include the following.

  1. Mental health information and doctor's psychological notes.
  2. Records that reveal someone's HIV status, STDs, etc.
  3. Records contain information that can pose a danger to the patient.
  4. Records that reveal the identity of someone who was promised confidentiality.

If you are taking care of a minor or an elderly person, you might need to have the following requirements before asking for their medical records.

  • Name, address, and phone number of medical, dental, or mental health care providers.
  • Documentation of current immunizations ("blue card") or signed waiver by parent releasing a child from immunizations.
  • Medical assessment, including dietary allergies and restrictions.
  • Emergency instructions and signed consent for emergency medical treatment.
  • Record of illness or injury requiring treatment by a health care provider or dentist, and for which the center provided assistance.
  • Record of current medications, including the name of the prescribing health care provider and instructions.

How to Request Medical Records From a Mission Hospital by Yourself

You may need to find out how  in your state so that you can know where to send your application. You can start by contacting the mission hospital's medical records department and finding out how to go about it.

Either way, you will be required to submit a completely filled and signed authorization form indicating your request for the medical records and a government-issued photo ID for identification.

You can contact a Mission hospital here:

Mission My Care Now – Franklin, A Service of Angel Medical Center190 Riverview Street

Franklin, NC 28734

Mission My Care Now –

Spruce Pine

189 Hospital Drive

Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Mission My Care Now –


360 Hospital Drive,

Suite 100

Clyde, NC 28721

Mission My Care Now –

Biltmore Park

310 Long Shoals Road

Suite 100

Arden, NC 28704

Mission My Care Now –


472 Rankin Drive

Marion, NC 28752


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