Discover the Penalties for Missed Jury Duty in Arizona

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What Are the Penalties for Missed Jury Duty in Arizona?

Every citizen of Arizona has a right to trial by jury, which means that every summoned citizen must respond to their summons—this keeps the judicial system’s integrity intact.

Not reporting for jury duty in Arizona is a legal infraction that comes with penalties. How do the courts deal with missed jury duty in Arizona?

We'll show you what the punishments are and how to excuse yourself from jury duty legally. You'll also learn how the can help you with a vital element of preparing for jury duty.

What Happens if You Miss Jury Duty in Arizona?

You can suffer penalties if you:

  1. Receive a summons but don't respond to it
  2. Respond to it but don't show up in court for the juror selection process
  3. Get a place on a jury but don't show up for the trial

If you missed jury duty in Arizona, you might be brought before a judge to explain your absence.

The table below shows the penalties that will apply to you if your reason for missing jury duty is not deemed sufficient in any state or federal court:

Federal Court PenaltiesState Court Penalties
  • A fine of up to $1,000
  • Three days jail time
  • Community service
  • A combination of at least two of the above
  • A fine of up to $500
  • Possible jail time
  • Rescheduling of jury service

What Reasons Do People Give for Not Wanting To Serve?

Jury duty is based on a one-day/one-trial policy in Arizona, so the length of service is usually not a sticking point for prospective jurors in the state. Other reasons people may decide to skip jury duty include:

The courts recognize some reasons here, but you have to respond to the summons first to seek exemption the right way.

Eligible Reasons for Jury Exemption in Arizona

The table below shows the common exemption reasons and the type of court—state or federal—that accepts them:

Reasons for ExemptionFederal/State Court
A physical or mental condition that affects the ability to serveState and federal
Inability to properly read and write in EnglishState
Involvement as the sole caregiver to a dependentState and federal
Tough financial situation or other undue hardship that jury service will worsenState and federal
Employment as a certified peace officer of the stateState
Jury duty service within the last two yearsState and federal
Age of 75 and aboveState
Grand jury duty—excluding alternate grand jurors—fulfilled in a state court within the last four yearsState
Attendance of full-time study programsState
Age of 70 and aboveFederal

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