How To Create a Top-Notch Minor Travel Consent Form

Child Travel Consent Form How To Create a Top-Notch Minor Travel Consent Form

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A minor travel consent form is necessary whenever a child is traveling without parents or guardians. This legal document is not to be taken lightly—an incomplete child travel consent form will likely prevent your child from traveling.

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What Is a Minor Travel Consent Form?

A minor travel consent form is a legal document in which a parent or a legal guardian permits the child to travel alone or with an authorized adult. A child travel consent form should be created when:

  • The child is traveling alone
  • One parent is accompanying a child
  • The child is traveling with a:
    • Family member (grandmother, uncle, aunt)
    • Group (for a school trip or sports competition)
    • Friend
    • School teacher or a coach
    • Any other adult who is not the parent

The form typically needs to be signed by both parents when the child is traveling without them. If one parent is accompanying the child, the non-traveling parent must sign the form, except when:

  • The other parent is deceased
  • One parent has sole custody of the child

In those cases, a traveling parent has to provide additional paperwork, including:

  • Death certificate
  • Birth certificate naming only one parent
  • Custody papers 
  • A notarized affidavit stating that one parent is absent

Rules About Traveling Minors in a Nutshell

When a child is traveling without both parents present, they may need to present a child travel consent form to:

  1. Airlines
  2. Immigration agents
  3. Customs officers

The rules about creating a child travel consent form differ for domestic and international travels, as presented in the table below:

Rules for Traveling Minors


Domestically A minor can travel within the U.S. without a child travel consent form. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) may still question a child who is traveling without both parents present, so it would be a good idea to carry a minor travel consent form just in case
Internationally International travels often require a minor to have a child travel consent form if they are traveling alone or with a non-parent adult. Immigration agents and customs officers of many foreign countries—such as India, Canada, or the U.K.have the right to ask for a parental consent form.

They will detain the child and the accompanying adult if they have any suspicions

While regulations may not always require a child travel consent form, having one handy will prevent unpleasant situations and ensure that the trip goes smoothly.

Crucial Sections of a Minor Travel Consent Form 

Take a look at the crucial elements of a comprehensive minor travel consent form in the table below:

Section of a Minor Travel Consent Form


Parents This section should include a parent’s or legal guardian’s name
Child You should provide the child’s:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Passport details
Travel details This section should specify if the child is traveling to meet an adult or is accompanied by an adult
Trip information You should include information such as:

  • Travel dates
  • Origin/destination details
  • Purpose of the trip
Contact This paragraph should provide:

  • Address of the destination
  • Emergency contact information
Responsible adult You should list information about the person or the group accompanying the child
Signature The parent or the guardian who is not accompanying the child must provide the signature
Notary or witnesses You may need to provide additional signatures from witnesses and get the document notarized

If you want to authorize the accompanying adult to make medical decisions for your child on the trip, you have to complete and attach a child medical consent form.

Do I Need To Get the Minor Travel Consent Form Notarized?

You may need to have the document notarized depending on where the child is traveling. 

Even if notarizing a minor travel consent form is not required by law, you should do it for extra protection. Notarization guarantees that the signatures on the document are authentic. 

You can visit a local notary in your area, but that could take some time since you will need to:

  1. Find a local notary
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Bring your ID and the minor travel consent form
  4. Head down to the notary’s public office to finish the process

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How Can DoNotPay Help Me With My Minor Travel Consent Form?

Drawing up a child travel consent form can be complicated. Any mistake can cause a problem at the border for you or your child. If you don’t feel like writing the document yourself and having it notarized the old-fashioned way, DoNotPay can help! We will create the form and arrange online notarization for the same price!

All you have to do is access DoNotPay from a web browser and:

  1. Find the Child Travel Consent product 
  2. Type in the information about your child, the trip, and the accompanying adult
  3. Choose whether you want the document notarized

DoNotPay will generate a personalized form based on the information you provided. If you choose to get the document notarized, we will email you a link. By clicking on the link, you will be able to schedule a meeting with an online notary and complete the notarization process.

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