The Minnesota Health Care Directive in a Nutshell

Understanding the Minnesota Health Care Directive

Minnesotans, according to their state’s law, have the right to express their wishes regarding medical treatment, and they can do so using the Minnesota health care directive. If you’re a Minnesota resident and unfamiliar with how the document works, putting it to good use can be tricky.

This guide breaks down the Minnesota health care directive and shows you the easiest way to in a flash!

What Is the Advance Directive in MN?

Before 1998, the Minnesota law considered several types of documents to be advance directives:

  1. Living will forms
  2. Durable health care powers of attorney (in some states, the same document as a health care proxy, while others acknowledge a difference)
  3. Mental health declarations

The Minnesotan government decided to combine all three documents into one—the Minnesota health care directive—to ease the process of requesting proper end-of-life medical treatment (or lack thereof).

Essential parts of these documents are still present in the new one, only under a joint name.

The Minnesota health care directive allows you, the declarant, to:

  • Appoint an agent to make decisions in your stead should you become incapacitated
  • Designate alternate agents in case the primary representative cannot perform their duties imposed by the document
  • Get the treatment you wish even when your condition renders you unable to speak
  • Inform your loved ones about your wishes regarding your medical treatment in the future
  • Decide about the:
    • Type of care you want to receive
    • Location where you want to be treated
    • Future funeral arrangements
    • Organ donation process

Who Can I Name as My Agent in My MN Health Care Directive?

Your agent can be anyone who:

  • Is 18 years or older
  • Isn’t your health care provider or their employee (unless they’re your relative)

Typically, people choose a:

  • Close friend
  • Family member
  • Colleague

Sometimes, you may find one of the following terms in advance directive forms as synonyms for the health care agent:

  • Medical representative
  • Health care surrogate
  • Patient advocate
  • Medical proxy

Do I Have To Complete the Official Minnesota Health Care Directive Form?

You don’t have to use the official form—you can write a Minnesota health care directive from scratch. Still, keep in mind that the document must:

  • Be in writing and dated
  • State your name
  • Be signed by you or a person you authorized to do it in your stead
  • Include information about the health care agent you designated and instructions on your preferred treatment methods (or those you wish to avoid)
  • Be notarized by a notary public or include two witnesses who testified that you signed the document

What Are Other Ways I Can Create a Minnesota Advance Directive?

If you’re not too excited about completing a form, let alone drafting the document from zero, you can always use one of these alternative methods:

Hire a lawyer to draw up your advance directiveThis method will rid you of the risk of forgetting essential elements of the document, but services typically bear a hefty price
Use DoNotPay to create your Minnesota advance directiveDrafting such an important document shouldn’t come at a great expense—that’s why DoNotPay creates your advance directive in a jiffy while going around overpriced legal fees

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