How to Find the Best Military Scholarships In Your Area

Discover and Apply for Scholarships How to Find the Best Military Scholarships In Your Area

How to Find the Best Military Scholarships In Your Area

Are you considering military scholarships as your way of paying for college? Did you put your college education on hold to serve in the military?

Serving your country is a noble decision, and it should not mean sacrificing your dreams of getting a college education.

You can pursue your dream program when in service or after going back to civilian life. Either way, the government and various organizations have numerous military scholarships and grants reserved for active service members, military spouses, children, future members, and veterans.

This guide will show you where you can find and how to apply for the military scholarships you are eligible for with minimum effort.

Types of Military Scholarships That You Can Apply For

The U.S. military has scholarship programs for college and graduate school students regardless of their major—there are even military medical school scholarships.

Most military scholarships can be categorized as follows:

  1. Active duty military scholarships
  2. Military spouse scholarships
  3. Scholarships for military children
  4. Army ROTC Scholarships

Active Duty Military Scholarships

These are scholarships reserved for people who are currently serving in the U.S. military. Some scholarships are available for military members in all five branches, and others are meant for members of a particular branch.

Here are some of the scholarships for military members regardless of their branch:

  • AFCEA War Veterans Scholarship
  • Marine Corps Essay Contest
  • AMVETS National Scholarship Program for High School Seniors
  • Imagine America Military Award Program

The following programs are offered by specific military branches only to their enlisted members:

Military BranchScholarships
  • Army Scholarship Foundation
  • The U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship
  • Health Professions Scholarship Program
Coast Guard
  • College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative
  • The Navy Seal Foundation Scholarships
Marine Corps
  • The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
  • The Frederick C. Branch Scholarship
  • Women Marine Association Scholarships
Air Force
  • The Airman Scholarship and Commission Program (ASCP)
  • AirForce Tuition Assistance Program
  • Scholarships for Outstanding Airmen (SOAR)

Military Spouse Scholarships

Scholarships for military families, such as spouse scholarships, are a way of giving back to service members and their families for the sacrifices they make. These scholarships are funded by the different branches of the U.S. military, private organizations, and state and federal governments.

Some awards are tailored for spouses of active-duty military members. Others are meant for spouses of the members who died or became disabled while on duty.

Some of the military spouse scholarships include:

  • Spouse Education Assistance Program
  • USAA Enlisted Coast Guard Reservist Family Scholarship
  • ThanksUSA Scholarship
  • Gold Star Scholarship Program

Scholarships for Military Children

Every branch of the military offers some scholarship programs for children of their service personnel. Most are available to children of active service members, the retired, and the deceased. Such programs include:

  • General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program
  • The Survivors & Dependents Assistance Program
  • The Scholarship for Air Force Enlisted Member’s Dependent Children

Army ROTC Scholarships

The ROTC programs are available in every military branch and can provide you with college funding in return for your enrollment. These military scholarship programs are an award for service. This means that you must enroll in the military and make a commitment to serve.

The programs are perfect for high school seniors who would otherwise struggle with college expenses. The ROTC programs include:

  • Army ROTC
  • Air Force ROTC
  • Navy ROTC

How To Find the Best Military Scholarships

Your scholarship search strategy may depend on the type of military scholarship fund you are looking for. The following are some of the resources that can help you:

  • High school counselors—If you are in high school and looking for military scholarships for high school students, your school’s counselors can guide you appropriately
  • Military recruiting officers
  • Division commanders—If you are already enlisted in the military service, you should consult your commanding officer or division commander for more information on the scholarships offered by your branch
  • State agencies
  • Federal agencies
  • Online search
  • Various organizations

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How To Apply for Military Scholarships

Every military scholarship program has its rules on how to apply. Once you have found a program that looks promising, consider these tips for better chances of landing the award:

  • Research the program thoroughly—Most programs require military service commitment, and you should understand what you are committing to
  • Plan for the application steps that can take more time, like asking for recommendation letters and writing essays
  • Keep track of application deadlines

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