Get the Scoop on Migraine Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Get the Scoop on Migraine Clinical Trials

Migraine Clinical Trials—A Simple Guide That Won’t Cause You Headaches

Migraines are a common enemy of millions of people around the world, and finding an effective treatment is of paramount importance for making life easier for the ones suffering from the condition. 

Clinical trials test potential treatments on human volunteers to develop new methods to help with the causes and symptoms of migraine. To learn more about migraine clinical trials, keep reading this article.

How Do Clinical Trials for Migraines Work?

A migraine is a severe headache that feels like throbbing pain, usually affecting one side of the head. Millions of people around the world suffer from this condition, and it is often undiagnosed. The pain caused by a migraine can last from a few hours to a couple of days, which means that the life of a person with this condition is highly affected.

Some treatments and drugs can help with the symptoms, but there is no cure yet. This is why conducting clinical trials for migraines is of paramount importance.

With the help of your physician, you should be able to find the right migraine clinical trial for you. Depending on the research center and its field of expertise, you can participate in migraine clinical trials focusing on different kinds of treatment.

You can find medical surveys for migraine all over the United States, but typing ‘clinical trials near me’ in the Google text box can be confusing. DoNotPay is a less overwhelming search tool that can help you find clinical trials faster. We can also help you look for paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers. For interventional studies, make sure to check out the National Headache Foundation's website since migraines are one of their main fields of expertise.

Why Should You Participate in Clinical Trials for Migraine Sufferers?

Migraine is not a life-threatening condition, but the pain it causes can prevent people from leading normal lives and participating in everyday activities. The few available medicines can help to a point, but they are more of a quick fix than a real solution. Most of them are not effective even in instant pain relief.

If you are suffering from this condition and are tired of the effect it has on your lifestyle, participating in a clinical trial might be just what you need. Being a volunteer in a migraine medical study can help you get the newest treatment, and you might even get paid for participating. The results of the treatment can help millions of other people with the same condition.

Wondering ‘Are There Any Migraine Clinical Trials Near Me?’ Find Them With DoNotPay 

There’s no need for a complicated research process because DoNotPay steps in to make your quest efficient. We can help you find the right research center and clinical trial for migraines in a matter of minutes. Our app requires you to complete a few simple steps:

  1. Access DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Hit Clinical Trials
  3. Click on Get Started
  4. Set up the filters
  5. Choose a study you would like to be a part of
  6. Click on Contact

DoNotPay will make sure the researchers are notified immediately after you’ve completed the questionnaire. Set up the filters according to your preferences. Choose whether you’d like to see only observational studies, the ones that don’t include placebos, or maybe just remote ones. You can also sort the studies according to distance, compensation, and date/time they were posted.

Our extensive database is there to make sure anyone finds the right study. If your trial of choice does not accept applications yet, it’s not a problem—save it for later with our bookmarking feature! You also don’t have to worry about us taking a percentage of the compensation. We take no fees or cuts. Join DoNotPay and make your life easier!

Alternative Ways of Finding a Migraine Clinical Trial

If you want to look for clinical trials on your own, make sure you use reliable websites and sources. You can find migraine clinical trials with one of these options:


  • Look at studies divided by topic
  • Search by the condition and your location

  • Finds matches with open studies
  • Spanish version available

What Are the Phases of Clinical Studies?

Before a drug gets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, it has to go through specific phases of clinical trials to prove its safety and effectiveness. The end goal is to get a better drug than the ones on the market. Clinical trials for migraine treatment are not an exception. This process is quite long, and it consists of five stages:

  1. Phase 0—This is the riskiest  phase, and only a small dose of the drug is used 
  2. Phase I—This phase includes less than 100 volunteers. The goal is to find the right dosage of the drug
  3. Phase II—In this phase, the focus is on the drug’s safety and efficacy
  4. Phase III—The drug gets FDA approval in this phase if everything is alright. These trials are also called registration trials
  5. Phase IV— In this phase, investigators want to see the long-term effects of the drug. Clinical trials of this phase are also known as postmarketing trials

The Criteria for Migraine Clinical Trials

To participate in a clinical study of any sort, you need to meet certain requirements. Some of the most important factors the investigators of migraine clinical trials check are:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Weight
  4. The number of headaches you get each month
  5. The medicines you take for your migraines
  6. Other health conditions you might have

A person who wants to enroll in a migraine interventional study may do so if:

  • They are 18 years of age or older
  • They have migraine attacks that last 4–72h without any treatment
  • He or she suffered a migraine attack not more than a year ago

A volunteer won’t be eligible to participate in a migraine clinical study if:

  • They have HIV
  • They have a cardiovascular disease
  • He or she has hypertension or diabetes
  • They have any psychiatric conditions
  • He or she has a history of gastric or small intestinal surgery
  • They are participating in another clinical at the same time

Other Administrative Tasks DoNotPay Excels At

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