How to Request and Collect Overdue Michigan Child Support Payment

Child Support Payments How to Request and Collect Overdue Michigan Child Support Payment

How to Request and Collect Overdue Michigan Child Support Payment

Indeed, children need financial and emotional support from both parents even after divorce. For that reason, divorced parents should work together to support and be part of their children's lives. Note that regular payment of medical and child support will;

1. Increase the chances of children reaching their full potential.

2. Reduce conflict between parents.

3. Increase involvement of the non-custodial parents.

Additionally, if you need to file a demand letter for late child support payments, DoNotPay can help you with that. Here are a few things you need to know about Michigan child support.

Understanding Michigan Child Support

Modifying the Amount of Michigan Child Support

Asking a judge to change a child support order already in place is allowed, and you can do so by filing a motion to modify. After that, a judge may modify the order only if they discover a substantial change in a parent's circumstances, and that has to be within 36 months of the current order.

An example is when a parent can no longer work due to sickness or injury, or if one is called to active military duty, which ultimately affects their income in one way or another. Also, a judge can change a current Michigan child support order to include health care coverage.

Otherwise, the Friend of the Court may choose to review your child support order after every 36 months to ensure payments are in line with your child's requirements. On the other hand, the Friend of Court can initiate a review of the current child support order if custody has changed.

Understand that the Friend of the Court should file a motion with the court the same way a parent would have to do when modifying the amount of child support.

Michigan Child Support Responsibility Falls on Both Parents

In Michigan, supporting children until they reach 18 years or longer if parents agree to extend the time or if the children are still in high school is the responsibility of both parents. As much as that is the case, only the non-custodial parent makes payments through income withheld from a paycheck.

Although the custodial parent remains responsible for child support, the law assumes they spend the required amount directly on their child. Note that the necessary amount to pay for Michigan child support depends on the number of children to support, parents' income, and parenting time.

Parents must also take care of their child's medical and childcare expenses.

Challenging the Amount of Michigan Child Support

A judge must presume that the support calculated using the formula is appropriate for your child, but sometimes, a standardized result can be unfair. If parents can agree to a different amount of support, they may not need to pay the amount given by the formula.

That happens when a judge determines that the agreement between both parents is in their child's best interest. You can still ask a judge to adjust the amount of support before a final order is in place, even without an agreement between you and the other parent.

In that case, the judge will consider the factors below to determine a more just amount in the case of Michigan child support.

  • Particular spousal support orders.
  • A child's requirements.
  • Where a parent's share of child care expenses exceeds 50% of their base support obligation before applying the parental-time offset.
  • A child's extraordinary educational expenses.
  • Where the child is in the custody of someone other than a parent.

Filing a Demand Letter for Late Child Support Payments Using DoNotPay

The steps below will help you file a demand letter for late child support payments using DoNotPay.

  1. Search child support on DoNotPay and enter the details of the person who owes the payments.


  2. Tell us more about the payment schedule, including the amount and frequency of the payments, the last payment they made, the number of missed payments, and how much they owe you in total.


  3. Confirm your contact information and select whether you want us to mail or email the letter on your behalf. Choose how you would like to receive the payment and verify your signature.


Why Should You Use Donotpay to File a Demand Letter for Late Child Support Payments?

  • Successful – Opting to use DoNotPay allows you to access the assistance you need, promoting success.
  • Fast – You save a lot of time when using DoNotPay.
  • Easy – You will not need to keep track of all the steps involved in filing a demand letter for late child support payments, and filling out tedious forms will be unnecessary when you choose to use DoNotPay.

Child Support Guides by State

Each state has different rules and regulations regarding child support, making the entire process confusing and overwhelming. Luckily, DoNotPay has child support guides for each state. Find yours below:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Help You Achieve?

Insight into Michigan child support is necessary for parents considering divorce because it helps them prepare for the future. Also, if you want to file a demand letter for late child support payments, you only need to sign up with DoNotPay today.

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