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The Mexican Consulate in Fresno, California was founded in 1931, making it one of the earliest Mexican Consulates in California. Currently, Minister Adriana González Carrillo sits as the Titular Consul, following her vast repertoire of experience working within the Mexican government for foreign relations.

Jurisdiction of the Mexican Consulate in Fresno

The Consulate General of Mexico in Fresno serves the following counties:

  1. Fresno
  2. Inyo
  3. Kern
  4. Kings
  5. Madera
  6. Mariposa
  7. Merced
  8. Tulare

If you live outside of the jurisdiction of the Mexican Consulate in Fresno, please refer to this list of consulates in California to find one that applies to you.

What Does the Mexican Consulate in Fresno Have the Ability to Do?

In general, Mexican Consulate can provide assistance with the following:

  • A violation of your human rights by authorities in the foreign country
  • Detention by immigration agents
  • In the event of an arrest by the authorities
  • Recovering personal items that have been lost
  • Locating important people
  • Repatriating the remains of family members, returning sick Mexicans, and relocating people who are vulnerable
  • Distributing humanitarian permits
  • Assistance navigating DACA
  • Filing complaints for unpaid wages
  • Claiming minors that have been detained
  • Facilitating alimony pensions
  • Protecting and bringing justice for victims of domestic violence, hate crimes, and human trafficking of any kind
  • Preventing extradition or transfer of prisoners
  • Provide background checks and letters of blank criminal record

Civil Registration

The Consulate in Fresno can provide the following documents of civil registration:

  • A birth certificate
  • A marriage certificate
  • An official will
  • Documentation for the power of attorney
  • Stand in as a notary for document signing
  • Certificates acknowledging survival
  • Nationality declaration documentation

Visas and How to Apply for One

If you are a citizen of Japan, Canada, the UK, the United States, or Schengen, you do not need to apply for a visa to travel. If you are a non-US citizen who holds documentation allowing entry into the United States, you must apply for a visa.

In order to obtain your visa:

  1. Write a letter to the consulate confirming that you are going to Mexico as a visitor, and do not intend on staying for longer than 6 months (180 days)
  2. State exactly where you intend to visit in Mexico, the dates that you will be in the country, and any restrictions that may apply to your work
  3. Provide an original copy of a document proving your legal status.
  4. Provide a letter from your employer proving your regular employment (if applicable)
  5. If you are a minor, present your birth certificate and a copy of the IDs of both of your parents
  6. If you intend to study abroad, provide proof of enrollment
  7. Provide documentation proving that you are financially stable and able to support yourself
  8. Ensure that your passport will be valid for the duration of the visa (180 days)
  9. Provide a copy of your passport’s information page
  10. Provide both the original and a copy of another identifying document
  11. Provide a passport photo taken recently
  12. Supply proof of an upcoming consular appointment
  13. Go to the consulate and apply in-person

Forms of Identification Issued by the Mexican Consulate

The Mexican Consulate can generate several kinds of identifying documents for you upon your request: 

  • A New of Renewed Passport
  • Registration with a Consulate
  • A Valid Voting Cart
  • A Certificate of Birth
  • An OP7
  • A Military Primer

Passport Applications and Passport Renewal

How to obtain a passport for the first time?

  1. Passports must be applied for in person.
  2. Submit an identifying document to prove your Mexican Nationality:
    1. Mexican Certificate of Nationality
    2. Mexican Birth Certificate
    3. Naturalization Letter
    4. Registration with the High Security Consular (only valid if issued after 2005)
  3. Provide a copy of an identifying document that contains a recent photo:
    1. Precartilla of the National Military Service or an Identity Card
    2. Professional License
    3. Mexican Nationality Certificate
    4. Driver’s License
    5. United States Resident Card

How to apply for a passport renewal

  1. Passport renewals can only be completed at a consulate in person. Make sure you book an appointment and follow all COVID regulations
  2. Provide your passport that has expired. If your passport was stolen or lost, file a police report then provide a copy of it to the consulate.
  3. Follow the same procedure as a first-time passport application: provide both a document that proves your Mexican nationality and a copy of a supporting document with a photo.

Contact Information for the Mexican Consulate in Fresno, California

Address Mexican Consulate General in Fresno

7435 N Ingram Avenue

Fresno, CA


Phone Telephone Number:

(559) 233-3065


(+1) 559 233-4241

Email Address General Inquiries: or

Fax (559) 354-0109
Office Hours Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m.

Directions to the Mexican Consulate in Fresno

How to get to the Mexican Consulate from Fresno County Superior Court

  1. Get on the bus on Van Ness Avenue, adjacent to the courthouse
  2. Exit the bus at El Paso Station
  3. Walk South for one minute, then take a right on West El Paso Avenue
  4. Note that West El Paso Avenue turns into West Alluvial Avenue
  5. After walking several blocks, take a left on North Ingram Avenue
  6. The Mexican Consulate in Fresno will be the first building on your right

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