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How to Get in Touch with the Mexican Consulate in Detroit

The Mexican Consulate in Detroit serves Mexican-Americans in the following states and American regions:

  • Michigan
  • Northern Ohio
    • Allen
    • Ashland
    • Ashtabula
    • Columbiana
    • Crawford
    • Cuyahoga
    • Defiance
    • Erie
    • Fulton
    • Geauga
    • Hancock
    • Henry
    • Huron
    • Lake
    • Lorain
    • Lucas
    • Mahoning
    • Medina
    • Ottawa
    • Paulding
    • Portage
    • Putnam
    • Richland
    • Sandusky
    • Seneca
    • Stark
    • Summit
    • Trumbull
    • Van Wert
    • Wayne
    • Williams
    • Wood
    • Wyandot

If you do not live in any of the listed states or counties, other consulates can assist with your consular needs!

What the Mexican Consulate in Detroit Can Do For You

Generally, the Mexican Consulate in Detroit provides the following consular services that include but are not limited to:

  • Denouncing human rights violations by foreign authorities
  • Detaining illegal migrants and preventing illegal immigration to Mexico or abroad
  • Arresting individuals wanted on foreign warrants or those on the FBI’s most-wanted list
  • Recovering personal items that were lost or stolen or have been extorted as a product of crime
  • Locating humans who have been missing in Mexico or those who have been lost or kidnapped
  • Repatriating human remains, sick people, or vulnerable individuals in Mexico
  • Giving out permits for humanitarian purposes in Mexico, for various organizations and causes
  • Aiding recipients of DACA in the United States, who is of Mexican citizenship
  • Repaying or recovering unpaid wages for Mexican workers
  • Retaining minors in foreign custody and bringing them back to Mexico
  • Providing alimony pensions for those who are Mexican citizens
  • Restituting minors in vulnerable situations that could jeopardize their lives or well-being
  • Assisting victims of sex trafficking, hate crimes, or domestic violence in Mexico
  • Extraditing, transferring, and transporting criminals to foreign nations
  • Providing letters that prove you do not have a criminal background in the Mexican system

Services Associated With The Civil Registrar

The Mexican Consulate in Detroit provides services through the civil registrar. These services include:

  • Registering and verifying births and proofs of children
  • Creating and issuing death records for personal and financial reasons
  • Officiating and supporting marriages
  • Issuing wills, legal documents, and other proofs of wealth distribution for living or deceased Mexicans
  • Proving that notarial acts occurred and providing physical proof
  • Creating survival certificates for financial or personal reasons
  • Helping Mexicans declare nationality and proving Mexican citizenship

Getting a Visa, And More!

If you are a dual or current citizen/permanent resident of the following nations, you will not need to obtain a visa when entering Mexico. This is true unless you are not a permanent resident and are a resident with a re-entry permit, verify your legal status to see which one is more applicable to your specific situation. 

  • Mexico
  • United States of America
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • The Schengen Area

Steps to Obtaining A Visa

  1. Write a letter that is addressed to the Mexican Consulate, it must prove that you are a visitor that will not stay in Mexico for more than 180 days
  2. Include information consisting of which town you’ll be visiting, the days you’ll be in Mexico, and prove that you are familiar with the restrictions on your type of travel
  3. Attach a copy of travel-specific identifying documents that validate your legal status within the United States; birth certificates, passports, legal documentation
  4. Also include a letter from your employer if you will be working, specifying the fixed period that you will be in Mexico and that the dates will coincide with your desired visa
  5. If you are under 18, present your birth certificate with identification from both parents
  6. If you are planning on being a foreign student with the intent of studying in Mexico, provide proof of enrollment or an acceptance letter
  7. You must also include a passport that will expire in no less than 6 months

Consular-Provided Identification

The Mexican Consulate in Detroit can issue five documents that can prove citizenship and consular association:

  • Issuing and Renewing Passports for Work or Travel
  • Assisting with Consular Registration and Identification
  • Completing and Distributing Voting Cards for Elections
  • Providing and Authorizing Birth Certificates for Legal Reasons
  • Creating OP7 Cards for Military-eligible men for Military Purposes
  • Introducing Military Primers for US Residents Interested in Serving in the Mexican Army

Passports: How to Get One For the 1st Time

How to get a passport for the 1st time:

  1. To get a passport, you must begin by appearing in person at a Consulate
  2. You need to authenticate your nationality by submitting one of the identifying documents listed:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Certificate of Mexican Nationality
    • Declaration of Mexican Nationality at Birth
    • Letter of Naturalization
    • High Security Consular Registration that was issued after 2005
  3. You must validate the fact that the documents provided are genuine and add a photo-identifying document:
    • An Identity Card or Precartilla of the National Military Service
    • A Professional license
    • A Certificate of Mexican nationality
    • A Letter of naturalization
    • A Driver’s license
    • A Residence card of the United States

Renewing An Expired Mexican Passport: 

  1. First, you must apply in-person at a Consulate
    • Follow local COVID-19 regulations to prove you’re preserving safety through booking appointments if you are required to
  2. Then, you have to present the passport that needs to be renewed if it is in your possession
  3. In the case that, a passport has been stolen, you first need to file a police report and bring a copy of it to the Consulate for verification
  4. Last, follow the requirements for a first-time issue, bringing a proof of identification that is a photo-identifiable example of identification
    • Passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, and an accessory form of identification; a driver’s license, consulate card, or status card

Contact Information for the Mexican Consulate in Detroit, Michigan

Address Mexican Consulate General in Detroit

1403 East 12 Mile Road

Building E

Madison Heights

Michigan, USA


Phone 248-336-0320
Email General Inquiries:

Fax 248-336-0315
Office Hours Monday to Friday

By appointment only, call for inquiries.

How to Get to the Mexican Consulate in Detroit

Directions to the Consulate from Downtown Detroit, Michigan:

  1. Board the 461 Bus towards Fast Woodward to Troy Park+Ride
  2. Ride the bus for 13 stops
  3. DIsembark at Woodward and Hendrie
  4. Walk 3 minutes
  5. Enter “The Consulate General of Mexico in Detroit”

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