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How to Reach the Mexican Consulate in Seattle

The Mexican Consulate in Seattle serves the following jurisdiction:


  • Adams City
  • Asotin City
  • Benton City
  • Chelan City
  • Garfield City
  • Grant City
  • Grays Harbor City
  • Island
  • Jefferson City
  • King City
  • Kitsap City
  • Kittitas City
  • Lewis City
  • Lincoln City
  • Mason City
  • Okanogan City
  • Pacific City
  • Pend Oreille City
  • Pierce City
  • San Juan City
  • Skagit City
  • Snohomish City
  • Spokane City
  • Stevens City
  • Thurston City
  • Wahkiakum City
  • Walla Walla City
  • Whatcom City
  • Whitman City
  • Yakima City


  • Benewah City
  • Bonner
  • Boundary
  • Kootenai City
  • Latah
  • Nez Perce City
  • Shoshone City


  • Aleutians East
  • Aleutians West
  • Anchorage City
  • Bethel
  • Bristol Bay
  • Denali City
  • Dillingham City
  • Fairbanks North Star City
  • Juneau
  • Haines City
  • Kodiak Island City
  • Ketchikan Gateway
  • Lake and Peninsula
  • Matanuska Susitna City Kenai Peninsula City
  • Nome City
  • North Slope
  • Northwest Arctic
  • Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan
  • Skagway City
  • Sitka City
  • Hoonah Angoon City
  • Valdez Cordoba City
  • Southeast Fairbanks City
  • Wade Hampson City
  • Yakutat City
  • Wrangell Petersburg City
  • Yukon Koyukuk City

If you do not reside in the following states or counties, other Mexican consulates may be of better assistance. 

What Can the Mexican Consulate in Seattle Do for You?

The Mexican Consulate is extremely helpful in determining the following:

  1. Scoping and Measuring Human Rights Violations by Foreign Authorities
  2. Preventing or Assisting in Immigration Detention
  3. Aiding Arrests by Authorities
  4. Recovering Personal Sentiments
  5. Locating Individuals
  6. Repatriating dead bodies, sick individuals, or increasingly vulnerable people
  7. Issuing and Enforcing Humanitarian Permits
  8. Aiding U.S. Recipients of DACA
  9. Fighting Against Unpaid Wages or Worker Mistreatment
  10. Recovering Minors in Foreign Custody
  11. Assisting in Alimony Pensions
  12. Restituting Minors
  13. Recovering Victims of Human Trafficking
  14. Extraditing or Transferring Prisoners
  15. Issuing Letters Denouncing Criminal Records

Services Regarding Civil Registration

The Mexican Consulate in San Diego provides the following services that relate to civil registration:

  • Registering births
  • Providing death records
  • Issuing marriage certificates
  • Constructing and enforcing wills
  • Issuing powers of attorney
  • Verifying notarial acts
  • Issuing survival certificates
  • Declarations of nationality

Do You Need A Mexican Visa?

It is important to recognize that you do not need to apply for a visa if you are a citizen of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Japan! You do need to apply if you are a non-US citizen who needs to re-enter the United States, holds refugee paperwork, or has an authorized parole document.

Here’s how to obtain a visa:

  1. Create a letter and address it to the Consulate, presenting yourself as a visitor who does not intend to stay in Mexico permanently
  2. Prove you do not intend to stay for more than 180 days
  3. State which town you are visiting, what dates you’ll be in Mexico, and what restrictions apply
  4. Include a copy of a valid identifying document proving legal status (passport, US green card, or pre-authorized parole documents if possible)
  5. Provide a letter from an employer if you are applying for a work permit
  6. Minors must also present their birth certificate with secondary proof of identification from their parents/guardians
  7. Foreign students must attach proof of student status
  8. You must also include documents proving financial stability and economic ability
  9. Attach bank statements to prove you are capable of providing for yourself in Mexico
  10. Have an original passport that is at least 6 months before reaching its expiration date
  11. Include a photocopy of your passport’s information page for proof of details
  12. Prove you have an appointment at the consular
  13. Visit the consulate to apply formally, providing all accessory documents

How to Obtain a Mexican Passport or Renew an Existing One?

How to Obtain A Passport:

  1. You must appear in person at a Consulate
  2. You need to prove your Mexican nationality by submitting one of the specific documents listed:
    • A Birth Certificate
    • A Certification of Mexican Nationality
    • A Declaration of Mexican Nationality at Birth
    • A Letter of Naturalization
    • A High Security Consular Registration issued after the year 2005
  3. Prove the documents that you provided are original and then add a photo-identifying document, like:
    • An Identity Card or Precartilla of the National Military Service
    • A Professional license
    • A Certificate of Mexican nationality
    • A Letter of Naturalization
    • A Driver’s License
    • A Residence Card of the United States

How to Obtain a passport if your passport has expired:

  1. You must appear in person at a Consulate. Some consulates are by-appointment-only, follow local COVID-19 regulations to preserve current safety standards.
  2. Present the passport that needs to be renewed.
  3. If a passport has been stolen, file a police report and bring a copy of it to the Consulate.
  4. Follow the typical requirements for a first-time issue, bringing a proof of identification that is a 1st tier example (passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate) and an accessory form of identification (a driver’s license, consulate card, or status card).

Contact Information for the Mexican Consulate General in Seattle

Address Mexican Consulate General in Seattle

807 E Roy St.

Seattle, WA


United States

Phone General Inquiries:




Email General Inquiries:

Office Hours

Office Hours, Monday to Friday

8:30 a.m. — 5:30 p.m.

Directions to the Mexican Consulate General in Seattle

How to get to the Mexican Consulate from Downtown Seattle, Washington:

  1. Enter University St. Station
  2. Ride for 4 stops, to the University of Washington
  3. Disembark at Capitol Hill
  4. Walk 7 Minutes
  5. Enter Mexican Consulate General in Seattle

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