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How to Contact the Consulate of Mexico in San Diego

The Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego offers a plethora of services to Mexican Citizens or Nationals residing within the United States. Primarily, the Consulate deals with citizens from the following regions:

  • San Diego
  • Imperial County
    • Bard City
    • Brawley City
    • Calexico City
    • Calipatria City
    • El Centro City
    • Heber City
    • Holtville City
    • Imperial City
    • Niland City
    • Ocotillo City
    • Palo Verde City
    • Salton City
    • Seeley City
    • Westmorland City
    • Winterhaven City

If you do not live in any of the listed cities or San Diego, other consulates can better address your concerns. 

What Can the Mexican Consulate in San Diego Do For Me?

Typically, the Mexican Consulate aids in the process of:

  • Foreign authorities violating your rights
  • immigration authorities detaining you or someone you know
  • Detention by police or other officials
  • Finding and returning personal items to you
  • Locating people of interest
  • Return if deceased family members, ill persons, or those in dire situations to their home country
  • Authentication for humanitarian work
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA)
  • Claiming unpaid wages from an employer
  • Alimony pension support
  • Assisting victims of hate crimes, domestic violence, or trafficking
  • Consular services regarding extradition or prisoner transfer
  • Carrying out background checks and providing official letters declaring a clean record

Civil Registration

The Consulate provides services regarding:

  • Birth certification
  • Death certification
  • Distributing official marriage certifications
  • Writing a will
  • A power of attorney officiation
  • Notary services in document signing
  • Survival certificates
  • Facilitating nationality declarations

Visas and More

British, American, Japanese, Canadian, and Schengen area citizens are not required to apply for a visa. Non-US citizens that hold a re-entry permit, refugee travel document, or parole travel documents can apply for a visa by doing the following steps below:

  1. Write a letter to your Consulate that identifies you as a visitor without any intentions to remain in Mexico longer than 180 days
  2. Declare the town or city that you will be visiting, your travel dates, state awareness of provisions, and limiting working in the country
  3. Attach the original copy of a valid identifying document that validates your legal status
  4. Include a letter from your employer if you intend on working that outlines your employment and duration intended
  5. In the case of children under the age of 18, the birth certificate and identification of both of the minor’s parents must be included
  6. Attach proof of enrollment if you want to study internationally
  7. Attach documents that prove financial stability and economic solvency to live comfortably
  8. Ensure the passport is valid for the following six months (180 days)
  9. Include a copy of your passport information page
  10. Include an original and copy of another identifying document like a drivers license
  11. Attach a recent passport photo
  12. Validate that you have a confirmed consular appointment
  13. Go in-person at the Consulate to “lodge” your application

Consulate-Issued Identification

At a Mexican Consulate, you can apply for the following documents:

  • Renewal of Passports and first-time issuance
  • Registration for consular services
  • Voting card for elections
  • Official certificate of birth
  • OP7
  • Military primer

Passports: Renewal and How to Get One For The First Time

First-time passport applicants:

  1. Get to the consulate in-person
  2. Include one of the following identifying documents is required to prove Mexican nationality
    • A Certificate of Birth in Mexico
    • A Mexican Nationality Certificate
    • A declaration of Mexican Nationality recorded at Birth
    • An official letter certifying naturalization
    • A High Security Consular Registration (only valid issued after 2005)
  3. An official document containing a photograph is required to certify any previous documents
    • An Identity Card or Precartilla of the National Military Service
    • A license of profession
    • A certificate of your Mexican nationality
    • An official letter certifying naturalization
    • A valid driver’s license
    • A United States Residence Card, if applicable

How to renew your passport:

  1. Appear to a consulate in person. Your consulate may require an appointment due to COVID regulations, so check your consulate’s website.
  2. Provide the expired passport.
  3. If your passport was stolen, file a report with the police and bring a copy of the report to the consulate.
  4. Follow steps outlined for a first-time applicant: bring proof of identification and an accessory form of identification that contains a photo piece of identification.

Contact Information for the Mexican Consulate General in San Diego

Address 1549 India Street

San Diego, CA 


Email Telephone Number:

(619) 231-8414 or (619) 308-9926

Phone Email Address for General Inquiries: or

Fax Fax Machine:

(+1) (619) 231 4802

Office Hours Office Hours, Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m. — 6:00 p.m.

Directions to the Mexican Consulate General in San Diego

How to get to the Mexican Consulate from Horton Plaza Park

  1. Walk west down West Broadway
  2. Get on the bus headed west at the intersection of West Broadway and 2nd Avenue
  3. Exit the bus at the intersection of Hayes Street and 1st Street
  4. Walk west across the park and down West Cedar Street
  5. Walk two blocks and the consulate will be the first building to the right on India Street

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