Easily Pay Your MetroNet Bill Online

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Easily Pay Your MetroNet Bill Online

MetroNet is a state-of-the-art telecommunications company that provides customers with services like internet, television, and telephone services. MetroNet aims to provide cutting-edge technology and quality customer service for our subscribers. MetroNet is one of the largest fiber-optic networks in the United States.

Whether you are looking to lower your monthly payments or cancel your services, changing your current status with your MetroNet billing cycles can become a real hassle. Endless phone calls and emails often leave you to end up feeling like you have gotten the total run-around without getting anything accomplished.

The good news is that DoNotPay can help. If you set up your utility payments in DoNotPay, we can make sure your get paid on time every month. You can stop worrying about late fees, lost mail, postage stamps and more.

How Do I Pay My Recurring MetroNet Billing?

Most customers who have utility payments each month will use a form of automatic payment to pay their bills on time each month. It's much easier to pay a set amount (i.e. $39.99) each month, rather than remembering to write a check or make a payment manually. MetroNet currently accepts most large credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. MetroNet also allows you to connect your bank account, online, or with your mobile phone. They also accept Apple Pay.

Once this recurring payment is set up, you will have the amount automatically charged to your account on the same date each month.

How Do I Lower/Cancel My MetroNet Utility Bills on My Own?

, like most other utility companies, will raise your rates over time. MetroNet is notorious for running specials for new customers such as 200Mb/200Mb internet for $49.99. Well after a year, that rate will rise to $74.95 and then after two years, it will be the company's standard $89.95 rate. Many consumers get aggravated or "fed up" with the increasing rates. They want to find a service that will simply keep their rate the same, or they want to cancel payments to search for a better option.

To lower or cancel your MetroNet utility bills, you will have the following options:

E-MailIf you wish to cancel or lower your utility bill with MetroNet by email, you will need to email retention@metronetinc.com to initiate the process. They will have to email you back and ask for specific information about why you are leaving and what they can to do keep you as a customer. These interactions may cause some back-and-forth with the company before you can lower your bill or cancel the utilities you no longer wish to keep.
PhoneIf you wish to lower your utility bill or cancel your service with MetroNet by phone, you will need to call them at 1-877-407-3227. They will have to get some information from you including why you are leaving and what they can do to keep you as a customer. After you answer their questions (and listen to them try to sell you other services to keep you as a customer), you will be able to get your bills lowered or services canceled if your information and reasons qualify for cancellation.

What Happens If You Miss A MetroNet Bill Payment?

If you miss (or part of a payment), you will be charged a $25.00 late fee. Moreover, for every month that passes after the bill is due, you will also incur a 3.0% add-on past the monthly rate that you owe. That means that you will pay more for your utilities than you already are. These fees are said by the company to be "mandatory" and are not negotiable for a missed payment.

What Happens if I Miss Multiple Payments?

If you miss multiple MetroNet payments in a row (or in a short span of time), they may discontinue some or all of your Broadband Services until full payment is received for all services rendered. You will be required to pay all the aforementioned fees to have services restored, as well as a reconciliation fee for missed payments.

How to Setup Recurring MetroNet Payments Using DoNotPay

If you want to set up recurring check payments but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Bill Pay product on DoNotPay.

  2. Connect a bank account if you haven't already.

  3. Schedule recurring or one-time payments by entering the person you want to address the check to, the payment amount, and their mailing address.

  4. Customize the payment with a PDF attachment, image, and memo.

  5. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.

  6. Submit your task! DoNotPay will mail the check on your behalf, and make sure it gets sent each recurring period if you set up recurring payments. You can always return to the product to delete or add new payments.

What Other Bills Can DoNotPay Manage?

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And that’s only the beginning! Any regular bill you pay, we can manage for you. It’s a great tool for individuals on a fixed income.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Aside from paying bills, DoNotPay also covers a wide range of services like:

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