MetroPCS Startup Cost and How To Finance It

Small Business Loan Request Letter MetroPCS Startup Cost and How To Finance It

Understand the MetroPCS Startup Cost and Join the Cellphone Revolution

Metro® by T-Mobile—formerly MetroPCS—dealers enjoy a growing market in the world of prepaid, zero-hassle cell phones.

With a strong brand and fast-growing customer base, a Metro® by T-Mobile franchise can be an opportunity to make serious money in a highly competitive environment.

Getting started as a Metro® by T-Mobile dealer requires solid finances, though.

DoNotPay has all the info you need to understand how to meet the MetroPCS startup costs and secure any financing required.

How Do You Become a Metro® by T-Mobile Partner?

Metro® by T-Mobile is a proven business model that offers consumers high-quality handsets at considerable discounts, as well as contract-free prepaid plans on a fast 4G and 5G LTE network.

As a partner, you can generate revenue from:

  • Handset sales
  • Accessories
  • Commissions on prepaid plan sales and residuals

Locations are available across the U.S., so a careful search may allow you to secure an outlet with a strong catchment area and low levels of competitor activity.

The financial barriers to entry are significant—you will have to jump through several financial hoops to qualify for a dealership.

The most important startup costs in acquiring a Metro® by T-Mobile dealership are:

  1. Net worth requirement
  2. Initial investment
  3. Liquid assets
  4. Franchise fee

Net Worth Requirement

T-Mobile requires proof of your net worth of at least $150,000.

For private individuals, you will need to provide evidence of your assets and liabilities when applying for a dealership.

Initial Investment

Depending on the location you are aiming for, T-Mobile will require an initial investment of between $40,000 and $100,000.

This investment goes towards store branding, refurbishment, and set-up expenses to maintain a uniform market presence across all the company’s outlets.

Liquid Assets

Liquid assets or cash on hand to the value of $100,000 are needed to secure a Metro® by T-Mobile dealership.

The company does not specify any time for which the assets have to be available, but you should be able to prove you have had the cash on hand for the last six months.

Franchise Fee

A once-off franchise fee of $25,000 is payable at startup.

How Can You Finance a Metro® by T-Mobile Dealership?

Your total startup costs to secure a Metro® by T-Mobile dealership could come to anything between $315,000 and $375,000, split between:

  • $165,000 to $225,000 in cash
  • $150,000 in net assets

The upside to a Metro® by T-Mobile dealership is that you will be able to generate revenue almost immediately. Your overheads and ongoing other expenses should, therefore, be covered by profit generated from day one.

If you are looking to open a dealership in a location that Metro® by T-Mobile considers desirable, the company may be willing to offer financing to help with your startup costs.

Failing this—and failing sufficient cash or having qualified for credit lines—you may have to look at a small business loan or startup finance from:

Most financial institutions will be prepared to consider a loan to fund the startup costs of a Metro® by T-Mobile dealership, and there is a multitude of products available with varying:

You may even qualify for a specialized product such as a:

To secure a loan, you will need to provide:

Your chosen financier will want to know that the risk in granting you the best loan is minimal.

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